the edge failing to respond ???

  MJS WARLORD 09:56 28 May 2018

For about a week now after I fire up my pc I look in reliability monitor and see a report that the edge content process stopped working ???? at exactly the same time as I turned it on...… as far as I am aware everything did start up ok.

when I run ccleaner I am told the edge needs to be closed but the thing is , if it is referring to the edge browser at that particular time I never even opened it. task manager did not even show edge running.

I have been a geek for 15 years so I am familiar with most processes but not an expert.

I am beginning to think I am getting false error reports and that they may be getting caused by Microsoft updates , surely if the 2 reports were genuine I would see something not working right.

  Govan1x 10:13 28 May 2018

Silly question but I take it you have not got it set as the default browser.

Sometimes when I open some program or other it opens with Edge. I have always wondered why as it is not the default browser.

It bothers me that this happens but as it does not happen that often I have not researched why it does it.

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