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ED - Toshiba Advert..Thought you were getting rid

  robin_x 06:35 21 May 2009

It would be OK if it disappeared in 3 or 5 seconds. But it doesnt and blocks the page.

  Technotiger 17:52 21 May 2009

Hmm - that should of course be *that's* ...

  Forum Editor 17:55 21 May 2009

Nobody "came over all big brother" with you, and I find your assumption that "They ended up saying, if anyone had anything else to say on this matter they were to put it in an email. In other words they didn't want it running in a thread for others to see." offensive. If you had been around the forum a little longer you would know that I've had far worse than a thread about an annoying ad to deal with in the past.

The reason I asked people to contact me via email was so that I might take the opportunity to a) apologise personally, and b) explain in a little more detail what steps we've taken to deal with the problem - it was a courtesy thing, but of course you've invented your own reason without knowing a thing about it.

We've already asked Toshiba's advertising people to deal with the problem, and just now we asked them very firmly for a second time. We're on the case, and we'll get it resolved as quickly as we can. The process is a little more complex than you might think, because the ads are not served into the pages from our own server - they're served dynamically into the pages as you open them. That's the reason that when people say to me there's an annoying ad on a certain page you'll often not see it, because your version of the page might have a different ad served when you open it.

  Forum Editor 18:07 21 May 2009

"Forum Manager.
Well, Have you got rid of this nuisance?"

Not yet, but we're working on it, and we'll succeed.

I was tempted to post "mkennyd. Well, have you heard of common courtesy yet?" but I didn't. Ranting away about an ad on a web forum might make you feel better, but some people would be inclined to say that there are about a million things more important in life. If you "Need new PC.Advice Site" I wish you well, you might find that it's not that easy to find one as good, but let me know.

We all have frustrating days, and it seems like this has been one of yours.We'll try our level best to make you happy as soon as possible.

  Forum Editor 18:10 21 May 2009

Concentrating on the previous page, I hadn't noticed your last post. It seems that you have indeed had a bad day at the office, and I can see how Toshiba's ad must have added to it.

I'm not aware that anyone here thinks of you in the way you fear.

  tullie 18:26 21 May 2009

Patonising?I dont think so

  [email protected] 18:50 21 May 2009

as has been said this site if funded by ads that's what keep it free. i think every now and then an advert seems to go over the top and that's why myself and probably over 90% of everyone else don't see any ads at all from this site, which kind of defeats the object. i would imagine it's again one you have to click so you can see the page. well all those clicks are counted and that is what pays the bills i suppose.

  Forum Editor 19:00 21 May 2009

what a big thing a minor issue like an ad on a forum page seems to be in some peoples' lives - but then I suppose it takes all sorts, as they say.

I'm pleased to say that our ad traffic people have now succeeded in having the offending ad pulled.

  Forum Editor 19:08 21 May 2009

Sorry, I'm not with you, who are you sure is 'new to all this'?

  Forum Editor 19:27 21 May 2009


I've been the Forum Editor here for over eight years, whereas you've been with us for ten months. I'm sorry you're not going to stay with us any longer, but I have better things to do with my time than put up with your sort of rudeness, bad day at the office or not.

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