ecs k7s5a what athlon will it suport

  Madrat 14:10 29 Jul 2003

I have a K7S5A motherboard with bios 2.3 and want to upgrad from a Duron to an Athlon
but what is the Max speed it will take and can i use a throughabred core of do i have to use the olde type

Any help would be apreshiated

  sil_ver 14:21 29 Jul 2003

Have a look here click here

  Madrat 14:31 29 Jul 2003

carnt find anything that tells me straght wht speed to use

  sil_ver 14:40 29 Jul 2003

I did notice that a question was asked about overclocking a 1.4GB Athlon so can assume it will take at least that. What speed CPU were you thinking of using?

  Madrat 14:46 29 Jul 2003

2000 or faster but realy need to know what core type it will suport

  sil_ver 14:48 29 Jul 2003

Found this click here

  Madrat 14:57 29 Jul 2003

does that meen pallameno core?

  Madrat 15:03 29 Jul 2003

how do i do that

  Madrat 15:14 29 Jul 2003

i think i will stick with the bios i have thease boards can be tempramental.
Does a model 6 1900+ mean pallameno core?

  Madrat 15:23 29 Jul 2003

thanks for all your help

  Stuartli 15:25 29 Jul 2003

Elite Computer Systems' website provides a thorough list of all CPUs which its boards will support, plus BIOS updates etc.

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