JACC 20:04 22 Sep 2003

I have the above mobo with an AMD 1800+ cpu , i was wondering what is the biggest cpu i can fit and how do i go about doing this .

  gold 47 20:08 22 Sep 2003

Try your MOBO website or google this should give you your requested info.

  mark500 20:12 22 Sep 2003
  bremner 20:15 22 Sep 2003

There was another posting recently asking if they could fit a 2600+ 333FSB in that board. The answer was no because it only supports 266FSB. But with a BIOS upgrade the board would take a 2600+ 266 (if you can find one)click here

  pinka 20:17 22 Sep 2003

looking at the manual now and it says you can install any of the amd k7 processors with front side bus speeds of 200/266mhz .

  pinka 20:20 22 Sep 2003

in light of what bremner says , your best bet is to go for an xp2400+ . i have recently upgraded from a 1700 to this and have a k7s5a pro and have to say that i have noticed a big difference , especially in my games . if you need guidance on fitting the cpu mail me and i will be happy to help .

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