ECS Elite K7SEM motherboard Setup - HELP PLEASE

  Giggle n' Bits 20:06 18 Nov 2003

I am setting up the BIOS before installing a new XP Home o's but got a bit stuck with the following settings as a computer I have built before I got some help but the person is no longer around to help with this build.

1. My Problem is setting up the Power Managment I do not know if this is suppose to be ACPI Or APM for WinXP

2. Also as this board has built in VGA I have 256MB SDRAM and have set the Shared Memory size to 32MB
I need adivce on if 32MB Shared memory will be enough for XP.

I you need more details please ask. But can someone please help with the above

  Giggle n' Bits 20:53 18 Nov 2003

Should the Power Managment be set to APM or ACPI in the Bios when using WinXP Home

Also I have onboard VGA and have Set the shared memory to 32MB taking it from my 256MB DIMM. I need to know if this is enough to run XP and say MS works software like Word and spreadsheets, Internet Access. Its not a machine for Gaming.

  Djohn 22:11 18 Nov 2003

32Mg. will be fine for your graphic card, seeing that you only have 256Mg in total. Not sure about the first part of your question, but this will bring you back to the top, others will advise. Regards. j.

  Djohn 22:56 18 Nov 2003

I've just downloaded the manual and had a read. the manual says that ACPI is the default setting of the board and should be left "Enabled" for win xp. This is to give you access to the advanced power settings such as turn-off PC from software control, hibernation, and sleep modes among other power settings.

The above applies to Ver.3 of ATX motherboard. j.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:05 18 Nov 2003

I did download the manual myself but didn't quite understand it. With 32MB onboard VGA set it seems to run XP ok, Media player a tad stuttery but not that bad and the ACPI is set at ACPI, with Standby in XP working fine. So my Internet keyboard will run ok when I put it to sleep.

Again thanks for you time in downloading the Pdf manual and for you help (Appreciated greatfully).


  Djohn 23:12 18 Nov 2003

Your welcome, pleased that I could be of some help. Enjoy your PC. j.

  Quiller. 23:15 18 Nov 2003


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