Eclipse 8 Mb broadband

  terryf 23:05 16 Apr 2006

Has anyone noticed that Eclipse are offering free upgrade to 8Mb broadband for existing customers on a like for like basis. They allow monthly contracts rather than the grossly unfair 18 month that talktalk is imposing

  Forum Editor 23:28 16 Apr 2006

you call the TalkTalk 18 month agreement period "grossly unfair" - how is it unfair?

  terryf 00:04 17 Apr 2006

I think that any contract lasting that long is unfair because if the service is not satisfactory you have to go to great lengths to abrogate the contract. I was with talktalk and when I signed up they promised in the initial letter that downloads would be 'unlimited'. They then started throttling downloads between 4pm and midnight then went on to throttling 24/7. I got help from my local Trading Standards who agreed that the contract was unfair and talktalk released me early. I suppose unfair is perhaps not a good word to use because everybody reads and understands all the small print in the T & C before committing themselves but 18 months is a long time, their tech support is on a premium number and it only costs £70 to get out of the contract.

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