EchoLife Home Gateway router settings, please

  Graham* 15:19 08 Mar 2013

I have a camera connected via a DVR to the router. A faulty switch in the kitchen tripped the mains whilst everything was switched on.

Since then I have lost access to the camera on my Kindle. The DVR had changed the last digit of its address by one digit, which I corrected. I can view the camera on Internet Explorer but not Firefox, but that's not a problem.

I assume some other setting in the router has changed, but which one? Where should I be looking, please?

  Woolwell 15:49 08 Mar 2013

Is the router allocating IP addresses? It mat be better to give a fixed address to the camera/dvr so that it doesn't change in the future. Not familiar with your router though. You should be able to view through Firefox.

  Graham* 15:52 08 Mar 2013

Thanks. How do I give a fixed address?

  Woolwell 15:59 08 Mar 2013

Need someone who is familiar with you router to help.

  spuds 17:16 08 Mar 2013

Not sure if its going to help, but have you tried YouTube or perhaps TalkTalk support pages, which as Echolife router advice?.

  Graham* 00:15 11 Mar 2013

Nearly there setting a fixed IP. I need the DVR MAC address but I can't find it.

  spuds 00:54 11 Mar 2013

Again not sure if its going to help, but you might get the MAC code via this download Fresh Diagnose from

That program can find a wealth of information. including codes.

You will need to register, which is simple, and its free and secure.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:25 11 Mar 2013

" I need the DVR MAC address but I can't find it."

Most standalone devices like that have the MAC address printed on a sticker somewhere on the unit.

  Graham* 10:01 11 Mar 2013


Done that, can't find the DVR.


No sticker.

  Woolwell 10:57 11 Mar 2013

Don't know if this will help but my router lists the MAC addresses of those devices connected by wifi.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:57 11 Mar 2013

I agree with Woolwell, the next place to look is your router's DHCP Client List (or equivalent) where it should show all currently connected devices including their MAC addresses.

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