ECDL - Has anyone completed this?

  Sir Radfordin 11:24 05 Feb 2004

Am in the process of doing some research (more to follow on that later this month perhaps!) that looks at Email.

I want to know how use of Email is covered in the ECDL. Do you just get taught how to send/reply/add attachments or is there anything about how to manage emails and how to use it for effective communication?

Anything you do say will not be given in evidence!


  bruno 11:43 05 Feb 2004

I have the book.My sister(71 years old) went on the course and gave me a copy.The last five pages are given over to e mail.Covers...composing,attaching,cc and bcc,receiving,copying,pasting,replying,filing,and that is it.
If you need it verbatim I can scan the pages and send them,but that is all they have.

  bruno 11:44 05 Feb 2004

I think I have one of the original books.

  Whaty 12:22 05 Feb 2004

My wife completed this last year and as bruno suggests, it is very basic. File management is covered but not specifically for e-mail.. ECDL is a little bit of everything without going too deep into any one particular application type.

  Valvegrid 12:31 05 Feb 2004

I've completed all 7 modules, the email one is quite basic, it just tests if you are able to send, receive and reply to an email and adding attachments, anyone that uses email on a daily basis souldn't have any trouble passing that particular module with minimum tuition.


  Sir Radfordin 12:39 05 Feb 2004

Thank you for your replies - think you have managed to tell me what I needed to know, and more what I expected to hear. People are taught how to use email from a technical aspect but an efficient way of using it for communication. Interesting stuff!

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