ECC Registerd Ram. It's slower, Butt how much?

  Dorsai 18:21 13 Jun 2004

My new, yet un used Mobo can use 4 Dimms of Resesterd ram, or two, if not Registered.

I Have foud out from this forum that registered ram (Which i can only find in the ECC Verity) Carries a performace disadvantage. My question

How Much Slower?

  wawadave 18:27 13 Jun 2004

mostly servers have used this type of ram. the diferance in speed can be spoted useing soft ware programs.(don,t rember name in acrtical)but for normal average use it won,t be seen.
so its not going to make your system run like an old 486.

  Dorsai 19:07 13 Jun 2004

Thats a relief. Now i can get 1gb of registerd ram, and leave the other slots free if i want to get more. E-bay has it's adavntages....

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