clarki63 13:42 04 Jun 2004

My MOBO supports ECC and non-ECC SDRAM (PC100).

Is it possible to have a mix of types installed?

I have tried with 1x256Mb of ECC mixed with 2x128Mb non-ECC and it doesn't seem to recognise this.
Depending in which slot I put the ECC it either loads with just the 256Mb or won't load at all.

Know that all the modules work as I have tried them all successfully standalone.

  Rayuk 18:37 04 Jun 2004

No board that I know of will work with 2 different types of memory ie sdram and ddr.etc.
If you know the motherboard make and model[or have the manual]get the manual it should tell you

  johnsims 18:41 04 Jun 2004

Rayuk is corrct. ECC and Non ECC will not both run together on the samemobo.

  johnsims 18:43 04 Jun 2004

Have a look at the Crucial Memory site click here for the background info.

  clarki63 18:48 04 Jun 2004

Thanks guys.

Looked at MOBO manual at it states that it will accept both types but doent say about running them together.

Will use in a different machine.

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