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  freefx 10:03 30 Oct 2003

does anybody here buy anything form EBUYER? And if so has anyone here try to talk to their customer support 0870 467 0753 line? I have tried to call them for the last three days without success. I either got an engage tone of if the phone is ringing, no one seems to be there to pick up that damn phone.

Very frustrating indeed.

I have ordered a wrong part from them and is trying to tell them to replace with the correct part.

I have even sent them this enote thingy. I took them two days to reply to me and even that they did not answers my query. They were telling me how to return the goods for refund/replacement. I think they are pretty hopeless.

  Kraken 09:38 23 Feb 2004

Nothing changed so far.
They supplied a faulty DVD Burner to me 2 weeks ago, so I contacted them to get an RMA and a replacement.

Two days later - and several aborted phone call attempts, I received an E-Mail from them with an RMA number, but advising me to get the other return details from the site.
I followed the site's instructions and by good fortune was due to be home all day on the date that they advised that their courier would call.
The day came, it was half-term so both kids were home and - the main reason to be home all day - so were the 2 guys fitting our new double glazing.

The whole day passed with no courier - I checked with the fitters who also confirmed there had been no callers for us that had approached them either.
An attempt to email back to the address that sent the RMA E-Mail provoked an email claiming it was an automated system and that I'd have to use their E-Notes system to communicate with them.
After trying for over an hour to get through to them by phone I sent an E-Note off asking what had happened.

2 days passed, then another E-Mail arrived advising I had a new E-Note. On checking this advised they were sorry about missing my 'delivery' and had refunded my delivery costs.
They also closed off the E-Note.

I tried phoning - constantly engaged, so I sent another E-Note pointing out that I was stuck with my ongoing project until the burner was replaced.

Another 2 days passed, at which time my wife phoned them and after nearly an hour managed to get through.
The 'assistant' then got quite offensive and claimed that we had been out when their courier called. The courier firm they quoted as saying this are local to us - I've used them several times, but strangely enough they weren't the people my E-Note advises were coming for the collection. When this was mentioned the 'assistant' got very abrupt, to the point that my wife cancelled the order and demanded a refund as the goods weren't 'fit for the purpose' they were supplied for.

So apparently their courier will arrive tomorrow and we will get a refund within 10 days "if the goods are found to be faulty - otherwise we will be charging you" (SIC)

Well, I'd used Ebuyer before without problems for kit, but never had problems on those occasions. It's 3.5 weeks now since my order arrived and I've had to buy another DVD burner locally so I wouldn't lose the order the original one was bought to fulfill. I'm still stuck with the dud drive they supplied in my hall waiting for a guy who will arrive between 09:00 and 16:30. (It's always nice not to have to waste a day at home isn't it?)

Customer Service?..... I think not.

  Sir Radfordin 09:53 23 Feb 2004

This does seem to be a common problem not only with ebuyer but several other online suppliers. They are very good, excellent even, at sending you the stuff in the first place and at a good price but should you have reason to get it returned then it seems most of the time it is simply a nightmare.

I've only ever once had to send something back to ebuyer - a USB cable (cost approx 49p!) as they sent the wrong one. That wasn't too hard to get done. I've also had postage refunded on non-next day delivery when items failed to turn up.

The only thing you can do is to follow the proper chanels of communication they request and if that fails then start writing letters or speak to Trading Standards.

E-buyer are a funny bloody lot!!

I buy from them regularly as they are silly cheap and generally have lots of stock.

However, should an item be broken or you need to use their 'customer support' welcome to a world of pain!

I have never got through on their phone line, and their E Ticket system is just a bad joke. Normally around four days for a reply!!

But 90% of the time everything works well so i keep buying from them. You pay your money and make your choice, very cheap with the risk of ear bleeding customer support or 20% more expensive and a phone that gets answered!!

  Jester2K 13:29 23 Feb 2004

eBuyer are featured in this months PCA (Page 34 - Issue 105 Apr 2004) and the conclusion is there are very understaffed in the returns / complaints dept.

  Stuartli 14:45 23 Feb 2004

I've had one experience with ebuyer and vowed: "Never again!"

  Chaz10 17:21 23 Feb 2004

You will get more joy p***ing in the wind. I will NEVER use them again.

  Jester2K 18:30 23 Feb 2004

I bought something once and it all went badly wrong. Wrong items sent, 2 weeks to get an RMA etc etc etc

BUT there are thousands of happy customers every day. I suspect those with bad experiences are the minority. As was said in PCA, eBuyer are great at getting the kit out but have very poor after sales support when it does go wrong.

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