ebuyer problem

  coolteentom 17:38 05 Sep 2005


I would really like to get an order with this Ebuyer company sorted today, however because I have a friend who is living in the same house as me, and already has an account, I am having problems.

The problem is that only one account is allowed per household, and the account name must match the credit card holder's name. I cannot find anywhere on the website where I can change the account name.

Has anyone experienced this problem before or have an idea on how to fix it?


  Totally-braindead 17:56 05 Sep 2005

I don't think there is a solution ( unless someone else on the site knows better of course ). I presume its not an option to get your friend to get it and just give him the cash. If not then what item is it you want, perhaps it can be found at the same price or cheaper from somewhere else?

  pj123 17:59 05 Sep 2005

That seems a strange policy to me. I would have thought that any company who wants to sell their products wouldn't care how many accounts there were as long as the payments were honoured.

  Charence 18:02 05 Sep 2005

it seems you can only change your credit card and address details when you enter it at the checkout.


  Graham ® 19:39 05 Sep 2005

Try putting 'Flat 1' before the street address. Your friend may have to amend their address to 'Flat 2' first.

  coolteentom 20:08 05 Sep 2005

Cheers for your help,

Found another company that did it for pretty much the same price, so went for them instead.


  Oddjob 22:04 05 Sep 2005

I had the same problem when my girlfriend wanted to buy me a Christmas pressie from ebuyer. When I rang them - in the days when you could talk to someone - they explained that they limit accounts to one per address as people were forgetting their details and re-registering with them. This made life difficult for them when it came to ensuring the customer's details were genuine and preventing fraud. It also helped them keep their customer database in order. They resolved the problem by "allowing" 2 accounts for the same address. You could try e-mailing them and explaining the situation.

  coolteentom 22:14 05 Sep 2005

Thanks, Oddjob I'll do that for the future. :D

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