eBook website - comments please

  Dalglish2 10:22 24 Sep 2006

Hi all

I have still to make final alterations but wonder if I please may have your feedback on this site click here? My wife says it looks amateurish and though the design is not mine and has some positive feedback, your comments on the content and its layout or anything else would be helpful.
I really struggled to format the login and register pages without losing PHP functionality and gave up in the end.
Feel free to register and login using fictitious details and use the contact us tab if you wish.
Many thanks


  PurplePenny 23:24 24 Sep 2006

"Pirate copies are legal but you can probably find one on one of the file sharing services."

Shouldn't that read "illegal"? Not a good idea to tell people where they might be able to find pirate copies; that's just encouraging theft.

  PurplePenny 23:28 24 Sep 2006

You need to give proper titles to several of your pages: at the moment they are entitled "andres08: ignore the trends"!

  Forum Editor 00:21 25 Sep 2006

she's right.

Your site is full of typing and grammatical errors, and that's hardly a good advertisement for someone who's offering to help people with job applications and CVs.

Penny's right about your page titles, but you also need to look at your filenames: about%20us.html has come about because you're including spaces, and filenames should have none. Use the underscore if_you_want_a _space between words.

What's that 'Offers' page all about? There I am, browsing a site about UK job finding, and suddenly I see a cheap, tacky-looking page about an Ebay auctions e-book. There are no hyperlinks at all, so I couldn't buy the book if I wanted to. I would get rid of that immediately.

On your homepage you have a 'Join here' button, and there's a 'Members' link in the navigation bar, but nothing whatever to explain why anyone would want to register. Presumably you can't buy an e-book unless you register, but you don't explain that. Instead you have a small line of text tucked away at the bottom of the page 'login above to get a copy'.

On the subject of clarity, why do you say (in connection with the book) 'Click below for more info' when there's absolutely nothing to click on?

"This is the eBook written by Dan McCarthy" Really? Who is Dan McCarthy? I've never heard of him, and I'll bet that most people haven't. If you're going to advertise a book by an unknown author you must tell people a bit about him/her. if you don't you're effectively saying "Buy this book you've never heard of, it's by an author you've never heard of, but never mind, give us your money anyway"

I hope all this doesn't sound unduly harsh, but to be frank, the world of e-commerce is intolerant of amateurs. Most people have seen many e-commerce sites, and you'll be judged against a pretty stiff set of standards.

  Dalglish2 13:37 25 Sep 2006

thanks all, feedback is sometimes sounds harsh but is well intended and very much appreciated.
I will make the necessary alterations and re-post but feel free to keep the comments coming!


  Dalglish2 13:38 25 Sep 2006

sounds harsh not sounds is harsh -sorry!

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