EBay Security - don't be fooled

  xania 11:38 30 Sep 2003

The wife of a colleague of mine received an e-mail purporting to come from Ebay. PS the email reads:-

Dear eBay User,

This is our new yearly check up to review inactive accounts, so that if these accounts remain inactive they can be deleted from our system. Please click on the following link to confirm that you are still an active eBay user.

click here?


eBay UK

We have looked up the IP address of this link and it is registered to BT Internet!! Alarm bells!!!

Ebay have confirmed that they did not send the message and there are no problems with the account.

The worrying thing is that the link spoofs the Ebay logon page, so you THINK its safe, but the details are clearly going to another area for .....guess what!!

Clearly, you can't trust links that arrive in unexpected e-mails.

Be warned.

  xania 11:39 30 Sep 2003

I forgot to mention. I you have already fallen for this, IMMEDIATELY change your password on Ebay.

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