Ebay reliable or not?

  [email protected] 20:09 12 Jul 2005

Is it okay to buy a graphic card from ebay, there are some ultras and P.Es at good prices. I have never purchased anything from there but was wondering whether its safe to shop for something expensive.

  Jackcoms 20:11 12 Jul 2005

Ebay itself is reliable - but remember that you are buying from a third party, not Ebay.

  Stuartli 20:47 12 Jul 2005

I've only been using e-Bay for a few months but have never had any setbacks and sellers have been honest about the products and despatch them promptly once paid.

Check out the seller's feedback first and also rely more, at first, on Buy Now! offers.

  patsyanne 20:47 12 Jul 2005

I was looking to but a ipod from ebay but they were too cheap to be true came from China and now a guy has bid for every one they had for sale and put feedbacks on saying not to buy the sellers are crooks ! i usually buy a lot of stuff from ebay but never big money i ended up getting iopd from MP3 from Amazon safer,just check the feedback of the seller .

  igk 20:50 12 Jul 2005

My advice (for what its worth!) go for a seller that has a shop or sells a lot of the same type of thing IE graphics cards,take a lot of time checking out feedback comments(go back a good distance if unsure)Only buy from the UK and check that the item is not going to be sent to you from Hong Kong or similar(some traders register as UK based and when they have your money place an order with a far east company/colleague) and finally (and this is my opinion only based on legal research)Don't use Pay Pal or similar options,despite what they claim they have very little legal clout in other countries (Germany for one instance)
Hope this helps..

  Stuartli 22:47 12 Jul 2005

I am perfectly happy using PayPal on e-Bay; what's more the chances of me buying anything from Germany on e-Bay are pretty slim...:-)

  igk 00:11 13 Jul 2005

I'm glad you have been trouble free using PayPal,just speaking as I found re known problems/tricks that some get up to...

  Stuartli 09:23 13 Jul 2005

That's why you have to use common sense throughout, check out sellers thoroughly and their feedback and only buy items from UK based individuals or firms.

e-Bay is a wonderful outlet but as always, where there's money, there's always a fiddle or attempted one somewhere in the pipeline from the unscrupulous no matter what the area involved.

A modern day example arises from e-mail scams or phishing...:-)

  The Belarussian Mafia 09:58 13 Jul 2005

I have seen ebay feedback that mentioned a graphics card that did not work when received. I suspect the seller may have pulled the card out in a clumsy way, putting their fingers on the circuitry, perhaps. Also, an item like this should ideally be sent in the anti-static bag it came in when sold (unless it was originally part of a CD).

As a general remark ebay is a bit like using a credit card online: there is a risk, but usually everything is fine. The risk only becomes substantial if you don't use common sense, like avoiding sellers who are offering expensive items before they have built up a history of good fedback.

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  The Belarussian Mafia 09:59 13 Jul 2005

Sorry - that should read 'originally part of a PC'.

  JayDay 10:36 13 Jul 2005

Use your common sense and you will be OK. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Example. Bloke I know buys a flat screen TV from a seller in Italy who only accepts payment by Western Union Money Transfer. This idiot sends £1500 to Italy via a completely untraceable means. Guess what the TV never turned up.

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