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  VNAM75 12:46 14 Feb 2008

I have a sofa for sale on ebay and have agreed with a buyer (via ebay email) a price of £30. The starting bid is £15 with no bids so far and the auction ends saturday afternoon. I have agreed that the buyer can come down on friday to see the sofas with no obligation to buy.

I need to know if its within the rules to provide him with my mobile number and address so I can arrange the viewing. If he decided to buy on friday, would I need to cancel the listing automatically? But what if someone in the meantime makes a bid higher than £30 - am I obliged to sell it to the highest bidder? Because this is a cash on collection sale, there is a chance another buyer may not commit to purchase, so I would rather sell to the initial buyer because he would have viewed the sofas.

If the cash sale is complete for £30, how do I finalise it on ebay so I can pay the final selling fee?

I've only been a ebay member for a week so any advice appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 12:48 14 Feb 2008

i would pose the question to e bay support


  hiwatt 12:49 14 Feb 2008

You can revise your item to a "buy it now" price.If no one places a bid on it then it's ok to cancel the item.

  hiwatt 12:51 14 Feb 2008

Once someone has made a bid then you are meant to sell it to the highest bidder but as I said.You can change it to a buy it now price and that means that the person can buy it right away before having to wait untill the auction ends.

  VNAM75 13:05 14 Feb 2008

I've read you can't use the buy it now facility until you have about 5 feedbacks. I'm a new member. I've sent a mail to ebay support but was hoping an experienced user could answer specifically about be able providing address info in the email so I can arrange the viewing.

  Pamy 13:12 14 Feb 2008

10 sales before you can use "Buy it Now" I think.

You cannot make deals with would be biddes is my belief.

  Pamy 13:13 14 Feb 2008

bidders that is

  Pamy 13:19 14 Feb 2008

click here

See withdrawing an item

  VNAM75 13:33 14 Feb 2008

I can ask him to bid at £30 then accept it. If he doesn't decide to buy I can relist for free.

  Pamy 13:40 14 Feb 2008

You cannot accept a bid. You must accept the highest one at the close of bidding

  lisa02 13:46 14 Feb 2008

If there's bids on it you can end the item early.

Just change your starter price to £30. Once he bids he's obligated to buy if he's the highest bidder at auction end ie. if time runs out or you end it early.

If you agree that he can back out you'll still owe ebay final value fees, in order to get these returned/credited you'd have to report him as non paying and claim them back via a dispute.

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