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  Gaz W 20:41 12 Jul 2004

I've been selling a few items on eBay and I have noticed that they seem to charge extra for everything. The main thing that I noticed was that you can have one picture uploaded to eBay for free, and for any more you have to pay extra (only 7p I think it was but still...).

There is, however, the option to use your own hosting for the pictures. I'm not sure how this works, but should they charge for that?

If I create my own HTML (which I usually do) for the auction page, could I include pictures within the HTML and avoid charges, or is this not what they mean by using my own hosting? Do they still charge for the pictures added but I just link to my site instead of theirs?

Maybe there's an eBayer out there who can help...

  the pie eater 21:00 12 Jul 2004

I think the best place to look for the answer is on ebay site it's self it must have a customer support on site somewhere.

  Gaz W 21:04 12 Jul 2004

I have looked on the eBay site but it is huge, and there is no mention of whether you save money by using your own image hosting - maybe because they want to make as much money as possible!

  THE TERMINATOR 21:39 12 Jul 2004

Yes you are right. You can only upload one pic even when hosting, for free. This is how ebay make money - by charging you for advertising your item(s) on their web space, sorry....TT

  Gaz W 22:22 12 Jul 2004

That is absolutely ridiculous! Still, since that seems to be the case I might as well use their bandwidth rather than mine!

I think I will complain about that, since I don't know why I should have to pay 7p per picture that is hosted on my site.

If I can use an animated GIF it might solve my problem, as I could have 3 or 4 pics in one image file.

Failing that, what about a script to randomly load one picture at a time from my own hosting? I can do that quite easily, and I could even include instructions on the page to refresh for another picture.

That's if I don't get chucked off eBay! Maybe I'll ring them first tomorrow to see if there are any loopholes to be exploited!

Anyway thanks for your help,


  dave h 23:03 12 Jul 2004

If you put the pictures on your own webspace(I'm assuming you have some webspace with your ISP?) you could then put a link on E-Bay to your webspace where you can display as many pictures as you want.

Or is there a problem with doing this????

  Chegs ® 23:25 12 Jul 2004

I was about to suggest what dave h already has.When I placed my scooter onto Ebay,I used their site to post the description,then added my own website URL where I had already uploaded the pics(around 15 pics in all)Total cost was £0.00 as it was a "free ads day" I was awaiting another to sell my recently rebuilt/resprayed/taxed/M.O.T'ed motorcycle but it was stolen on Sat morning,and the 14 year old that took it,as he couldn't get it started(fused it trying to hotwire it)SMASHED UP every single panel! Mindless moronic vandalism.

  Gaz W 00:57 13 Jul 2004

That's not a bad idea at all. I might just do that. I'm not selling anything as expensive as a scooter or motorcycle, which is mainly why I'm reluctant to pay for a few pictures. I know that a few pictures would help with what I'm selling at the moment, so I think I'll just link to my web space.

Speaking of which, I only have free web space at the moment, but am seriously considering paid web space for a few sites I intend to launch. The only thing with my free space is that bandwidth is strictly limited, and it's unreliable at the best of times (but no adverts). If I can work out how to get to my Blue Yonder web space that would most probably be better! Maybe I'll ring them tomorrow and find out.

  smokingbeagle 08:10 13 Jul 2004

Will the punters wait for your page to load?

  Agent Smith 08:33 13 Jul 2004

Hi, a lot of people use this site click here to host their own photos. All you need to do is upload your photos and then supply the Url in your listing page. See click here*cuckoo/Ebay/Wasgij2a1.jpg for example.

  Gaz W 20:05 13 Jul 2004

Agent Smith,

Thanks for that link. That's probably what I'll do.

The only thing is, I thought eBay were charging even for linking to images not hosted on eBay...

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