EBAY Problems

  174N 20:04 07 Nov 2005

Hi All
Thought somebody out there might be able to give me some idea why I cant navigate thru EBAY on my second PC.
Anyway, seems I can log on but as soon as I put anything into the search line it just returns with a load of garbage (See Below)

2f0 ‹í}ërÛÆ’ðï¤*ï0AÊ–´G¼êb‹2™¢(Éæ‰,ɤlŸøÛ-H ID € $oÞEUç×¾å×=`pãE¤äœì*±D3====Ý=Ý=oFÁØj¼QÝhüðý›z¤Oɧ?û÷c‹ìËä¹?…¾5¦?NFAàèï󶮵; vP¸šºT#}þ­®ô>(a‡‡¤?Ò=Ÿõv÷¢ðúõÞA¡¢5x;¶>¦uÍ ~ß3ÝÀtl¥?SÓ6Èi»Ó½"Ý«“Ë.i½kŸ“Ï?6”œµÏ!ç'Ÿ‰

Well, I'm at a bit of a loss at to whats going on (although I have checked that IE has the correct coding set).I immediately thought it might be a virus or something similar so have updated AVG, Spybot and CC cleaner...all coming back negative.

So its over to you....any ideas whats causing the problem ?

Thanks in advance

  GaT7 21:57 07 Nov 2005

Try clearing out IE cache click here. Also click on 'Delete Cookies' (next to 'Delete Files').

What happens if you try another browser like Firefox click here or Opera click here? G

  kjrider 22:19 07 Nov 2005

The only problem I have with ebay is trying to get a refund of fees, etc, when I have been done.

Great when it works, but try getting a human reply to an email - no chance.

  DCooper 17:28 13 Nov 2005

I have a firend experiencing the same problems with this. I have advised him to clear his cache and delete files etc but after a short amount of surfing it always happens again. Anyone any suggestions?

  GaT7 18:49 13 Nov 2005

Sounds ridiculous but seems to have worked for this person "..unplug cables from electricity..." - see last post by buzimuz at click here.

He could also try another browser - see my previous post. G

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