Ebay problems

  Inballdeep 12:38 25 Jan 2005

Please help a dimwitted 67 year old technophobe.

Every time I enter my username and password I get a page saying "the page cannot be displayed" and a few remedies of which all have been tried.
This only happens on the ebay site and only on my pc as I have tried it on my grandsons pc and have no problems.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated

  sputnick 13:41 25 Jan 2005

You do not say what OS you are using if it is Windows XP or if you have an anti-virus prog running.
Is the message the Microsoft page or another program page.??
If you are running XP it could be the security settings.

  johnnyrocker 13:41 25 Jan 2005

what operating system are you using?, have you got a pop up stopper?


  sputnick 13:46 25 Jan 2005

This might be a daft question bu are you using
click here as the web address and not got it wrong or something . I`ve done it myself.

  Inballdeep 14:14 25 Jan 2005

Sorry...I have win XP home with SP2 and firewall with pop up stopper enabled also AVG anti virus.
Had these for months but this is new problem. The error page is the standard microsoft one with advise on security settings all of which have been tried

  johnnyrocker 14:20 25 Jan 2005

try holding the control button when accessing the site also check if you are using a proxy in your i/net settings/connections also check sp2 firewall settings, delete cookies/temp i/net files.


  Inballdeep 14:42 25 Jan 2005

nothing works

I downloaded Java 2 Runtime 2 weeks ago. Could that be the problem?

  sputnick 16:31 25 Jan 2005

If you have XP you could try to restore to a previously good condition.Start up your PC and while the boot up screen is loading, keep intermitently pressing F8 key,this should take you to a menu that will say Safe mode etc, etc.
Scroll to "Start using a previously good condition."
If you get to the Windows screen youv`e missed the menu. it takes a bit of getting used to.
If you get it fixed and when you get your PC ok.
Make a Restore Point so that you can always go back to a good time.To do this go to start, allprograms, select Accessories,then System Tools, then Restore point. Type in a name that you can remember such as "Good System"
you will then be able to go back to that point if you get any more problems.I do this once I have made any changes and am happy they work.
If you have still got the download for your Java prog saved somewhere or you dont mind downloading it again,try removing and try.

  sputnick 16:34 25 Jan 2005

I`ve just had another thought.Did you install SP2 as an add on. If so remove it using add /remove programs in Contol Panel.
SP2 has had a few adverse effects with some programs.

  sputnick 16:38 25 Jan 2005

Can you access other web sites ok.
What internet connection ad srver are you using.
Dial-up or broad band.
Does your IP need proxy server to be enabled and if not is the proxy server box ticked.

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