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  Why wont it work 11:10 28 Jul 2007

I bought a fairly expensive item on ebay, (£180 ish) and have encountered a problem and am now slightly concerned. The seller only accepts verified paypal accounts (which was fine with me) but when I try to pay I get the message "This seller cannot currently receive payments" (Transaction Cancelled). This doesn't sound too good... I have sent a message to the seller but had no response yet (plus he only has a feedback of 5..) Any advice would be appreciated, should I try to cancel the purchase all together- ebays own forums don't inpsire much confidence! Thanks

  SantasLittleHelper 11:18 28 Jul 2007

Hi, I would put this purchase down to experience, it looks as though he is not willing to go through with the transaction for whatever reason, usually they have already sold it. If no payment has been made I wouldn't worry, if you don't make a payment he can't recieve it! Just leave a negative feedback for him and move on. Also get in touch with Ebay and tell them of the problem you are experiencing, via the dispute console, this will cover you in the event of a dispute arising.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:31 28 Jul 2007

run from it as far and as fast as you can.


  spuds 11:50 28 Jul 2007

It possibly means that the sellers account as not been verified. This in itself can mean various things, not always nasty. But as the seller as not responded to your email,I would treat the transaction with a little caution.

I would suggest that you do not give a negative feedback, because the seller may do likewise, and you do not want to go upsetting your own feedback at this stage. You mention that the seller only as 5 feedbacks, are these good or bad, and how long as the seller been registered. This can give further indications towards a seller.

Make sure that the item is 'protected' by PayPal, and that you pay via credit card, if the transaction doe's go through.

In the meantime,I would suggest that you send another 'polite' email, then hold fire, until you receive a reply (if any).You could also notify eBay/PayPal of your concerns, so as to keep the record straight, in case of dispute procedures are activated.

  Why wont it work 12:18 28 Jul 2007

I will wait and see if he responds. The seller has a 100% positive feedback and has been around for 3 years- this appears to be their first sale.

I won't give negative feedback (I never have), I'm scared of tarnishing my own 150 (100%) feedback. Usually I'm quite savvy with ebay, but this has never happened before!

  Why wont it work 12:22 28 Jul 2007

In fact I just had an entirely innocent reply. The seller broke the item and panicked when they saw that the item had been bought. They didnt know what to do so deleted their paypal account so I couldn't pay. Damn, I knew the price was too good to be true :)

Thanks guys

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