eBay and PayPal

  highside 13:20 31 Dec 2013

Given up trying to get PayPal to understand me can anyone here help please. Used eBay/PayPal for years, bought something yesterday and the deal was completed and paid for without a Paypal form appearing. I could not enter my PayPal password because everything was sewn up as soon as I entered my eBay password.

Is this not a security risk? And as paypal form did not appear I could not see the total cost including their fees and exchange rate (euro to GBP in my case.) As far as the computer goes I never tick boxes to store passwords.so how come my PayPal one can get bypassed? Sorry if this is the wrong place for the question but Im more likely to get a sensible answer on this site.

  bumpkin 13:38 31 Dec 2013

Login to your Paypal account, go to profile/My money/My pre-approved payments. There you will see if you have any that you are not aware of and remove them.

  Ex plorer 14:20 31 Dec 2013

Sounds as if you have clicked the the one click payment button, You may have set it up a few months ago. Pay-Pal would have emailed you and asked if you you wanted this option. Its the same as Amazon one click buy or very similar. I have used it many times.

  Ex plorer 14:41 31 Dec 2013

Its called (Buy Now) See This

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