ebay a pain

  Newuser2 20:25 12 Sep 2003

I have a problem in that every time I connect to the internet ( via blueyonder) ebay appears on the bottom task bar as well. I haven't wisited ebay in yonks, & this problem has only appeared in the last couple of days.
How do I stop ebay from loading.
I've deleted temp cookies & files in explorer properties but ebay keeps on appearing.
Any help would be most gratfully received.

  [DELETED] 20:49 12 Sep 2003

I'm having the same problem. have run adaware and searched the registry but found nothing can anyone help with this ???

  [DELETED] 20:58 12 Sep 2003

If you have the ebay toolbar, then you can unistall it from the add/remove programs menu.

  Newuser2 12:52 13 Sep 2003

I've just downloaded an update for Ad-aware & run a scan, it found one new tracking cookie which I deleted & the ebay link has gone.
I would love to know where the link came from in the first place.

  Newuser2 18:53 13 Sep 2003

Going on from above I've downloaded SpywareGuard to give see if that helps prevent any more attempted hijacks.
Anyone got any more ideas on the subject.

  graham√ 19:43 13 Sep 2003

Download and instal Cookie Wall click here

  [DELETED] 19:45 13 Sep 2003

Download NoAds free click here

You'll have to add the page to this list of blocked pages once.

Basically Blueyonder have (Rather irritatingly) decided they want this ad to pop up when you go there - no spyware, cookies etc involved.

NoAds - add it to the blocked list and it'll kill it every time after.

  [DELETED] 19:46 13 Sep 2003

I asked the same question at 1044 this morning.

I had the Google toolbar installed so just updated and ticked Popup which now stops all popups.

Have a look at my question and answers about 1044 this a.m.
Regards Noels

  [DELETED] 19:51 13 Sep 2003

Even better way is to go to ad it to the Wild-card list then edit it so the entry just says "adfarm" - no quotes because the name at the top of the page changes each time.

This will block all variants of the ad as well as anything served by Adfarm...

  Newuser2 20:30 13 Sep 2003

Thanks all.
So blueyonder are to blame, I think they have a liberty trying to dictate what web sites we view.
A stongly worded email is on it's way to them.

  [DELETED] 21:15 13 Sep 2003

just sent a complaint myself..why should i have to keep on installing software all the time,.they shouldn't be doing this

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