Ebay and Opera Browser

  Simsy 14:25 20 Dec 2003

Hi folks...

in the past couple of days I can't log onto eBay using my Opera Browser, (version 7). I can seepages/itms OK, I just can't log in... when I try I am presented with the login page again.

I can get in OK using Internet Explorer so that proves that my ID details are OK...

and I've just restored a Drive Image from a month ago, when all was OK, and still no joy...

This indicates to me a change at the eBay end? Anyone else using Opera experienced this... if so any way of resolving it... setting in preferences etc?

I'd be happy to get any responses, though appologies if I don't get back to this over the weekend!

Thanks in anticipation,



  Chegs ® 14:35 20 Dec 2003

I listed an item using Opera 6.05,but when I tried to access this at auction end,I couldn't get into Ebay anymore(could still see/browse)I then tried in IE,and it also refused to allow me access to My Ebay.I uninstalled Opera and reinstalled it several times but never could access My Ebay site anymore.I had to wait a week or so before it suddenly started working again(and I hadn't altered anything in preferences inbetween)I would try delete all Opera Cache(drill down in the Opera folders)and remove anything that looks like a temp file,including the Cache4/Uninstall folders.

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