ebay missing sign-in sign-out

  f1fan 19:52 01 Mar 2005

Have formatted and re-installed XP including SP2 onto my laptop. All websites work and look as they should except ebay. The fonts are different and then 'Hello sign in' is missing and if I sign in with the boxes there is no sign out.
Have tried the 'tools - options - fonts' and they are the same as on my other computer.

Any ideas??

  pk470 20:40 01 Mar 2005

Have you blocked third party cookies?? you seem to have a firewall problem.

  f1fan 20:56 01 Mar 2005

Have just changed settings to accept all cookies, SP2 firewall is off and norton internet security firewall is off.
The firewall I use is in my netgear router which my other computer uses and ebay is normal on that machine.
Restarted laptop and ebay is the same.

Any other ideas????

  pk470 21:03 01 Mar 2005

Are you getting the privacy icon showing on the toolbar?if so left click and see if Ebay is getting blocked.

  f1fan 21:09 01 Mar 2005

Hi pk470,

No privacy icon showing when viewing an ebay page, have viewed the source code for the ebay page and thought it may be a java problem, but can play java games.

f1fan ~ Still puzzled

  feb 21:42 01 Mar 2005

is it the "pop up blocker"

  f1fan 21:57 01 Mar 2005

Have just turned off pop up blocker, and still the same. Have tried mozilla firefox and is the same on that.


  f1fan 17:20 02 Mar 2005

Any more ideas??

  feb 17:28 02 Mar 2005

As you have now turned everything off, have you since cleared the cache?

  f1fan 19:39 02 Mar 2005

Hi feb,

Cleared cookies, deleted temporary internet files inc offline content and history, shut down - restarted and still the same.

Checked all 'advanced' options against my other (ok) computer and the only difference is on 'ok' computer a section says..
Java (Sun) tick Use JRE 1.5.0 for <applet>
where as on my laptop it says..
Microsoft VM,
tick Java console enabled
no tick Java logging enabled
tick JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled.


  EdFrench 19:50 02 Mar 2005

Did you import your fav's or type in the URL.
If you typed it in just make sure you have not made a 'Typo' which is then cached and re-displayed

Check this one for wanadoo
Type in click here

ebay suffers a lot of scammers out there.

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