Ebay ; Loss of highlighted boxes

  Jeffersonrex 13:56 05 Feb 2011

I cannot access some areas of the site because the "boxes" have either disappeared altogether ( ie.feedback comment box ) or are colourless making it difficult to locate. Ebay have been notified but dont seen interested in replying. Any ideas ?.

  spuds 16:22 05 Feb 2011

I have just had a look at eBay, and nothing is amiss here.

Have you tried changing your browser?.

  Jeffersonrex 17:23 05 Feb 2011

Ebay have replied it is no their fault but mine. Carried out s series of "commands" , clearing Cache/cookies/enabling Java . Still no luck. Still open to suggestions ?.

  Catastrophe 22:20 03 Mar 2011

I had what sounds like the same problem except that if you looked very carefully you could just read it. Something like white print on VERY pale blue background.

I got by because a) I remembered what boxes were and b) could JUST confirm by reading.

Mewanwhile I got new pc (not for this reason) and problem went away.

  Jeffersonrex 08:44 04 Mar 2011

The problem has been found - I will post the info. for the benefit of others.....Quite simply I hadnt ( to be precise couldnt ) update my computer because of an outdated Bulldog security package which was blocking my every attempt. Removing that brought everything back far better than I would have believed.

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