Ebay issues

  chriscross72 20:25 03 Jan 2005

I was recently suspended from ebay uk for 'account irregularities' The only thing I can think of is that I did not include my home telephone number when I registered with ebay as it is ex-directory.
I am now thinking of sending ebay the details they want to reinstate my account, these consist of copies of my driving license and a recent utility bill.
Ebay have sent me e-mails giving an address in Ireland to send these details to, this address being

eBay Investigations Department
P.O. Box 9473
Dublin 15

The web site address is as below.
[email protected]

Could any other users advise me as to the authenticity of this address and give me advice on any similar experiences with ebay as I can't help but feel suspicious and do not want to fall victim to identity theft.

Than you : )

  frankie 20:32 03 Jan 2005

have you definetly been suspended or did you get email saying you had been,do not give out your details.if so,probaly best to reregister lot of dodginess out there ,

  pj123 20:34 03 Jan 2005

I would suggest that this is a scam. If you still have the email this refers to forward it to [email protected]

They will soon tell you.

The other alternative is to log in to your ebay account, if you can still get it then it is a scam.

I get lots of these emails and I don't even have an ebay account.

  LeadingMNMs 20:35 03 Jan 2005

If you can still log in and use eBay then this is almost definately a hoax with the intention of gathering personal information. I have been sent lots of fake eBay e-mails but have never seen that one.

  chriscross72 20:36 03 Jan 2005

i have been onto ebay since on mozilla instead of IE and after reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling windows
The site says my account is suspended i tried to re register giving all my details but ebay would not accept my home address

  bamfiesler 20:39 03 Jan 2005

I've had a heck of a problem with them, but please note this:-

"Remember: eBay will not ask you for sensitive personal information
(such as your password, credit card, bank account numbers, National
Insurance numbers, etc.) in an email."

That's a quote from a recent authentic e-mail from Ebay. You should only be dealing with Switzerland, or London, I think.

  chriscross72 20:39 03 Jan 2005

I can get onto ebay and view items but I cannot buy anything....which is a nuisance , and as I had been using ebay for a while and had received numerous positive feedback comments very annoying.

  frankie 20:41 03 Jan 2005

go to the community help pages and ask there they will put you straight.log onto ebay up the top and go to community help

  LeadingMNMs 20:42 03 Jan 2005

from eBay click here

  jorel 20:43 03 Jan 2005

Hi chriscross72,
never, ever click on a link in an e-mail asking for your personal details, especially financial details. There are thousands of emails out there to persuade unsuspecting people to do just that. The link often looks exactly the same as your Bank site, ebay site or whatever, but is just a clone site to get your personal details. This is commonly known as 'Phishing'. I suggest you go to the Ebay site via your web browser by typing the Ebay addy in, and then email them direct from the Ebay sites own 'contact us' button to ask about your account. Have you tried logging into your account by the way, to check if it is de-activated? Also, if you ever go to a site that needs input of personal (such as financial or credit card details etc), check that the URL of the site in the browser search bar starts with https: rather than just http: The 's' at the end of the http will tell you it's a secure site. Also look for a locked padlock symbol (usually yellow) on the explorer bar at the bottom of your browser . Hope this helps.

  bamfiesler 20:59 03 Jan 2005

I thought I'd gotten my account hijacked. I don't know who by, or how they did it, but I suddenly couldn't sign in on my own pc. I don't know if they dropped something on the pc that affected the browser. I only got around this by accessing my account through a different machine, and changing my password/preferences. Beware of these crooks! Also, you will have a hard time actually getting a response from a Human Being at ebay: they seem to be quite fond of auto-responses! :-(
Good luck.

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