eBay help - web page as description

  Winxx 17:30 18 Jul 2007

Hi, ive seen peoples listings on ebay and in the description they have like a webpage, im thinking somehow they used the HTML tab to direct to a .html webpage, but how?

  MaxUpload 07:15 19 Jul 2007

Hi Winxx :

When selling an item on ebay and after completing the various pages you then arrive at the "item description."

The two alternatives you have for filling out the description box are designated tabs at the top of the description box namely "Standard" and "HTML".

The standard tab is used to enter text and the HTML tab to enter HTML code - not as you think to direct to a webpage.

  Sheik Yerbouti 07:25 19 Jul 2007

In the past I have uploaded high quality images to my ISP's free web space, and in the EBAY description, HTML tab, type...

<IMG SRC="url_of_image"></IMG>

Which will get you free high quality images of the item you are selling in the auction.

Obviously replace url_of_image with the location of your image.(but leave the quotes) eg. click here

for the image on the left of this page.

  Winxx 16:01 19 Jul 2007

Yes thats kinda what im looking for but instead of directing to an image, is it possible to direct to a .htm or .html document ?

  Sheik Yerbouti 16:40 19 Jul 2007

Don't think you can link to a whole html page rather you need to create one using the html description and html tags. eg. <IMG SRC..


  MaxUpload 18:44 19 Jul 2007

.....and the HTML tab to enter HTML code...

  MaxUpload 18:54 19 Jul 2007

Sorry - itchy trigger finger!

...and the HTML tab to enter HTML code...

If you look at this link : click here :
you can play around with code and see the result immediately including the suggestion above to link to images on your hard drive.

If you want to see how HTML code for a particular webpage looks then open that webpage and go to View/Source and the code for that page will be displayed.

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