Ebay & "Faulty" goods, your thoughts please....

  [DELETED] 05:50 03 Aug 2003

Hi All,

I have a small problem. I have recently (2 weeks ago) sold an Asus A7V333 motherboard and Ipanel on Ebay for £49.00.

The board came straight out of my system and was working 100%. The ONLY reason I sold it was it was unable to accept the barton core cpu. There was NO PROBLEMS with the board at all.

I have just received an email from the purchaser stating that the board was DOA and for "Your thoughts".

There are three possibilities -

1 - The board was damaged in transit.

2 - The board was damaged during installation.

3 - The board is "unsuitable" (??)

I have no way of knowing which of the above is the reason for its apparent failure or being DOA.

What would you guys (and girls) consider to be an appropriate course of action on my behalf, given that the board was 100% before sending?

I am obviously reluctant to refund if the damage has been caused in transit or by installation.

Any ideas as to how you would resolve this?

  [DELETED] 08:45 03 Aug 2003

did u send it with postal insurance, state sold as seen or no refunds offered on faulty goods? Only other problem is the buyer has blown it during installation and is trying it on for a refund...I think that unless you have specifically stated that faulty goods shall be refunded then it will be sold as seen but don't take it as definate...

  [DELETED] 10:12 03 Aug 2003

I agree totally with you but the thing is, unless I come up with some idea, I will either have to give a refund or suffer negitive feedback on my rating! Either way its a no-win situation!!

  [DELETED] 10:22 03 Aug 2003

ask the purchaser to return the goods to you

If the motherboard checks out ok, refund the monies and sell it again

  [DELETED] 10:38 03 Aug 2003

Summed up - the reasons I would not have anything to do with ebay - either buying or selling.

  [DELETED] 12:20 03 Aug 2003

if i knew it was working when i sent i would say it was an issue between him and the delivery company . although he might have something on you if it wasnt marked as fragile

  [DELETED] 12:26 03 Aug 2003

I would tend to think the buyer is "trying it on" if your sure the board was 100%.If the buyer does give you negative feedback,then its simple enuff to add a "reason for" to your Ebay ratings.I once bid for a CPU,I won it at a knock down price and the seller refused to sell it to me at that price,gave me a load of foul abusive emails,and negative feedback.I simply added"Immature,foul mouthed,etc" to the feedback,I got several emails from prospective buyers asking about it,and when I emailed the reasons for the negative comment,no-one dealt with him,or were quite happy to allow me to bid for their goods.

  [DELETED] 12:43 03 Aug 2003

Unfortunately (or fortunately, for you) there is no warranty on second-hand goods sold through E-bay unless explicity stated otherwise. If you are confident of your own position you should stick to your guns and risk the minor inconvenience of a negative rating.

Personally I think 2 weeks is pushing it a little......


  bpzoom 12:53 03 Aug 2003

Sorry POPS, but I do not agree with you. I have traded on Ebay for 15 months, 170+ transactions seller and buyer, and only once did I come across a problem, and he had taken a long vacation, leaving me swinging. Ebay is an excellent market place, and is itself a well-run easy to use system. Many of my purchases/sales have been paid for with dollar bills sent by post, and have never come across a dishonest person yet. Big Ebay sellers will usually give you your money back if there is a problem. That might not happen if the seller is an occasional Ebayer. There might be a risk with people with little or no history, and you can always refuse bids from those with negatives.

  [DELETED] 15:41 03 Aug 2003

Element of doubt here,

Have the board returned and test it yourself, carefully checking the back of the board in case this guy has put the posts in wrong and shorted the board out.

If thats the case, return the board to him as it was working when you sent it, with a note of explanation.

If tested as working, send it back.

And check to see if its the same board being returned.

  [DELETED] 21:41 03 Aug 2003

Thanks for all the advice so far - appreciated.

The thing is this - If I ask for it to be sent back he incurs another £8.00 delivery (That is what it cost recorded - it is the whole box with all manuals, cables etc). I test it and it is fine, I then have to get another £8.00 from him to send it back. I test it and it is broken due to say his mistake and I still have to get another £8.00 from him to send it back.

Yes, I feel 2 weeks is pushing it too, although in fairness, he may well have been getting all the bits together.

Nearly 30 transactions and a 100% positive feedback rating - Most of you guys know me quite well (Hello again Jimv7 - How is Brian? Better i hope) and that I play by the book. I would certainly not knowingly send a duff board out.

Do I refund and suffer a £50 loss, or ignore and suffer negative feedback??

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