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I have bought things online before but never sold anything. I have offered up some theatre tickets as my wife is poorly and we can’t go, I have received a personal message from someone offering the price I want without going through the bidding process. I have told them that I am happy with the result – is this the done thing at Ebay? Time is relevant as I will have to send the tickets today.

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I have recieved another PM from someone else regarding my sale. Do I tell them I have sold them off auction is it were? Is this permitted?

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EBay discourages sellers from ending auctions early and coming to private agreements. I have had several such approaches and have always declined them. To me, it just seems basically wrong. You have agreed to sell to the highest bidder and if you accept the "private" offer, how do you know there isn't someone out there who would be prepared to bid more?

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Options then:

Write back to the person who has offered the asking price and tell them I have changed my mind. This could lead to me not selling at all as time is a real issue.

Close the deal and remove the entry from ebay?


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as said, its not the done thing BUT who's to stop you. the choice is yours and have done it myself (buying not selling). really all you need to do is supply the buyer you paypal account details (email address) or send them an invoice from your paypal account for the sum that has been agreed on for the tickets and wait for payment before posting or if local C O D.

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It is not the done thing and you could fall foul of a rip off merchant. If that happens you will not get any help or protection from ebay. Check out their rules on this.

  wee eddie 15:53 20 Apr 2006

This is one of the more usual "cons", but it could also be genuine.

The cheque may bounce and you would have no comeback, also remember that value of cheques, which have "not" bounced, may be removed from your account for several weeks after you have been credited with them if the Account holder has insufficient funds.

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I would not sell them to a person off of EBAY. A scam is the usual reason behind this. I wont supply details of how (for obvious reasons), but EBAY will NOT HELP YOU if it turns out to be the scam. You broke the rules and it is your problem... I suggest that you refuse to sell off of the EBAY site.
Keep it up as an aution item, if nobody has bid for them, you can change the item description or the time frame for selling.


  spuds 19:02 20 Apr 2006

eBay rules allow you to stop an auction, and by doing so, you could sell the item privately. Some people mention this on their sale terms. eBay are not keen on sellers dealing with email buyer request, and look on this as not the done thing.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have the funds in your own bank account, or cash on collection. Never release any item until you have 100% security of agreed funds in your hands.If time is the essence, some dodgy buyers will contact sellers, hoping the item is released to them without safeguards, as a favour to them.Good theatre or concert tickets are very easy to dispose off, making instant profits for some type of buyers.

Another old problem that as recently resurfaced, is the usage of bank drafts. If these are offered, then contact the issuing bank without fail, to verify that the draft is genuine, before you part with the item, irrespective of what the buyer states. A £3800.00 skiddoo transaction took place last week, with a motorway service station changeover of skiddoo for a bankers draft, all in the guise of fast negotiation ( we will meet you half way). Result, seller minus one skiddoo and bank stating that draft was from a recent stolen batch. The seller was 100%, that the very charming couple who made the deal were absolutely genuine (until the event!).

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