ebay buyers beware

  stalion 21:22 05 May 2005
  igk 21:51 05 May 2005

As an ebay seller I can asure you that we are not all like that, in fact I have more problems (although not on this scale of course)with buyers trying to "pull the wool" the most popular seems to be to deny that they have been sent the items,even when I use recorded delivery/registered post,some are so thick that they don't realise that packages can be traced.

  Mr Beeline 22:50 05 May 2005

Always use PAYPAL. Fraud becomes a lot more difficult. But as they say "let the buyer beware!".

  Mr Beeline 22:53 05 May 2005

Always use PAYPAL, never pay cash!!! Fraud becomes that little more difficult if some common sense is used. I buy and sell on EBAY and have for quite a while and have never had any problems. But in the end, it's very much a matter of "let the buyer beware"!

  dirtyh 23:09 05 May 2005

Just be carefull check out their history and read any negatives,personally i never buy off anyone with zero feedback.
Use paypal and read the items previously sold if all items are for pennies or small amounts and suddenly they are selling an expensive item !!! think.
Having bought and sold over 100 items and never had a problem perhaps "luck" or good judgement.

happy bidding

  bswatts 09:45 06 May 2005

It ought to be ebay USERS beware! I have just paid £9.68 for listing an item which did not sell after being threatened wuth a debt collecter. No more ebay for me(or you out there if you have any sense!)

  Noelg23 10:52 06 May 2005

I heard about this when it first came out. I think it was either earlier this year or late last year...i think its shocking that someone would do that and to be honest if you're going to do something like that then you must really cover your tracks...but since he is only a kid I am not surprised he got found so soon. but the way I see it, if it ever happened to me not only will I demand my money back, if I dont get it back then I will track the person down and do some serious damage..i am not a bad or violent person by any means but if the occasion arose then it will happen.

  stalion 16:39 06 May 2005


  the kopite 17:00 06 May 2005

I used a postal order once for 51£ because the guy never had a paypal account needless to say I did not recive the article and ebay were just not interested expensive lesson leaned kopite

  Dart Echo 17:24 06 May 2005

I had to check out and come back in to make sure I had not inadvertently gone to speakers corner.

This is supposed to be a helproom for PC (and related problems) and not a place for someone to stick on a thread that has been well covered by the general and much available multi-media.

As VoG used to say, generally about late pm or early am .. this thread should be pulled.

He doesn't do it now, bless.

I really do think there are a few people who seem to be getting a bit bored sitting by their computer after about 9pm browsing about the PCA forums and wondering what to do next .. "oh yes, I'll start a thread, but wait, what?, browsers, ME/SP2, AOL is rubbish, Wish I could earn some money using this thing, Can't though. OK, have a go at eBay, that'll do."

bswatts, that's interesting - could we have more detail please?

  stalion 17:32 06 May 2005

I am not having a go at ebay this is factual information placed here to alert members who may not know about it.As for being bored and having to drum something up I spend my time on here trying to help members and always have.If the F.E. wants to pull the thread so be it.It's not your decision to make

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