Ebay Account takeover

  hooligan 14:05 08 Dec 2004

From ebay
It appears your account was taken over by a third party, and used to place
several unauthorised listings. Additionally, the email address on your
account may have been tampered with, which is why you may not have received
an email about these listings. We have restored your eBay account at this

This as happened twice, Ive never replaied to any emails and never give out my password any where.

Any ideas, whats going on ?

  Smegs 14:09 08 Dec 2004

Get in touch with Ebay!!

  €dstowe 14:19 08 Dec 2004

I have had similar emails.

The thing that makes them suspicious to me is that I have NEVER used ebay. I have no ebay account and I have never contacted them or had anything to do with them whatsoever.

If you are concerned, get in touch with ebay as Smgs recommends.

  JayDay 14:29 08 Dec 2004

You have probably received spoof emails. Forward them to [email protected] They will tell you if they are genuine or not. Whatever you do don't follow any links in the email.

  rômanab 14:29 08 Dec 2004

Did it look like this h click here if so it's a spoof, just delete it :o)

  hooligan 14:41 08 Dec 2004

I did the file then prop it said from ebay,

  rômanab 14:48 08 Dec 2004

Well you need to get in touch with them then, click on 'help' then 'contact us' probably best to send a copy of the email and it's source aswell.

  hooligan 15:26 08 Dec 2004

I cant, Ive deleted them all, ? My account seems ok, but I had to change passwords, my other would not work, It seems to happen in the night, thats the seconed time, its happened, same thing and both at night, I WILL EMAIL EBAY, AND SEE IF IT WAS TRUE, MY ACCOUNT HAD BEEN MESSED ABOUT WITH.

  pj123 17:25 08 Dec 2004

Ebay will never, ever send you an email like that. So just Forward it to [email protected] and then delete it.

  Buchan 35 19:53 08 Dec 2004

Hooligan, do as your friends on this forum tell you, particularly pj123`s answer. only thing mate

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