[email protected]$H 15:09 01 Feb 2005

is buying from ebay safe. like how do i know if what they say they're selling is what they are actually selling. has anyone got any good tips?


  TomJerry 15:15 01 Feb 2005

a man market a Tesco Bag for life plastic bag as Fasion accessory, got a lot of bids and finally sold for £4.50+pp, the bag costs 20p from tesco

so, make your own mind

  Belatucadrus 15:28 01 Feb 2005

click here is worth a read. Also check out the vendors feedback rating the more positive feedback the better But as to KNOWING if what they say they're selling is what they are actually selling. Not until you open the box.
Also worth reading click here

  holly polly 15:30 01 Feb 2005

i have bought lots of gear from ebay and find it very good ,just a word of warning check the seller has 100% positive feed back ,that way you are minimizing any potential problems -regards -hol pol...

  huzzar 15:33 01 Feb 2005

Always check who the seller is. Look at their "Feedback Score" (see what past customers have said about them. Never pay in cash. Get yourself a PayPal account. Not everyone on Ebay is a fraud, in the main they are to be trusted, having said that I have been done once but I should have checked their feedback before I bid, Won't get done again that way. Good luck.

  Shas 15:36 01 Feb 2005

For every dishonest ebay trader there are loads of honourable ones. Of course they are in it to make a profit but that doesn't mean all are crooks. Common sense has to prevail as far as prices are concerned - if anyone is daft enough to pay £4.50 for a tesco carrier bag they deserve all they get!

A lot depends on what you are buying - supposedly genuine jewellery, watches etc., could quite easily be fake, so you'd need to be a bit more careful.

Sellers are awarded rating stars - check these out for feedback from satisfied or otherwise customers.

  weedode 15:43 01 Feb 2005

If you are worried about who you are dealing with it is easy to check the sellers feedback. Also if you require clarification of any detail in the item description you can email the seller for further details. Save any emails you send or receive in reply and DO NOT BID if you are unsure of the seller / item for sale.

  Bleep 15:56 01 Feb 2005

-Use common sense

- Check feedback of buyer

- Look for pattens in what they usually sell, watch out for sudden auctions of plasma screen if all they have sold in the past is dvd's.

- Pay via PayPal

For example my favorite ebayer with 16434 feedback 99.6% positive : click here

  Bleep 15:57 01 Feb 2005

'Check feedback of buyer '

I think I meant seller.....

  [email protected]$H 18:21 01 Feb 2005

thanks for the help guys.

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