SANTOS7 01:18 19 Oct 2004

I have just read a couple of threads directing people to Ebay for cheap pc equipment, maybe not such a good idea at the moment click here take your pick as to which one you read, be safe!........

  feb 01:31 19 Oct 2004

Never give up your password!! Not to any one!!!

  georgemac 07:56 19 Oct 2004

I use ebay quite a bit and recently recieved one of the spoof emails. It was very good.

Never give out any password/account name in an email, and if changing your details online always log in first by going to www. ebay. co. uk and log in using the My Ebay - never update details from an email link.

The website you are on should also start https:// and the padlock in your browser should be closed.

Ebay also now have a toolbar with "account gaurd" for internet explorer which will alert you if you are not on a genuine ebay page click here

I reported the email and the website where it directed you to the ebay fraud team.

  spuds 10:52 19 Oct 2004

eBay have increased their fraud and security investigatiion team, so any suspect reports will be well received and acted upon.

There was a recent case that went to court, of a UK youth who was into eBay frauds bigtime. He thought it was all fun, especially as it funded trips to the USA with his mates.

  SANTOS7 11:15 19 Oct 2004

£45,000 for selling stuff that didn't exist, how easily we are drawn in at the chance of getting what you think is a real bargain.........

  pj123 15:22 19 Oct 2004

I get four or five emails (supposedly) from eBay a day and I don't even have an account with eBay.

They all get forwarded to [email protected] ebay.co.uk and I always get two very nice automated emails back advising me that they are, in fact, not from eBay at all.

  TomJerry 15:56 19 Oct 2004

people paid £4.90 + PP for a Tesco Bag for Life plastic bag (cost 10p in Tesco) as a fashion accessory.

So you can understand why people buy stuff from EB.

  the-george 17:26 19 Oct 2004

I also often receive e-mails purportedly from ebay but never use any link that they offer as Ebay does not operate like this.

To date I have made a modest 250 or so deals using Ebay (about half selling/half buying) and have had no cause for complaint- I have 100% positive feedback and have not issued negative feedback to anyone either. Many of the bought items come from the states. Some have been PC components and software and again I have had no problems.
You get dodgy dealers and fraudsters using all forms of advertising/selling media you just have to exercise a great deal of care.

  georgemac 17:52 19 Oct 2004

I use ebay a little bit, mainly for buying and have picked up some components at excellent prices, examples xp3000 (£67) 2 x 512 mb hynix pc3200 (£70) these are in this pc. I too have 100% feedback ratings, have had to leave negative feedback twice for people who bid and did not pay for an old mobile phone I sold.

I have sold some of the old components from upgrades also.

However, I see people buying used items for more than they can buy brand new warrantied items from online retailers - must be the auction fever.

  linx 17:59 19 Oct 2004

I used ebay once but was frustrated because I lost the bid by only 25p during the last 2 minutes.

Is there another site where I can buy W98 SE operating system other than on ebay?

  Hamish 18:24 19 Oct 2004


Try here click here

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