poogles_uk 20:02 23 Jan 2004

If i buy a product that doesnt work, do i have any chance of getting a refund. Or is there no legal rights?

  [email protected]@m 20:07 23 Jan 2004

If you read Ebays terms and conditions you will see you have protection against such an event.

  Tony_B 20:08 23 Jan 2004

You need to check with the seller before you bid if they will give you a refund if your not happy.

If you do buy something thats faulty and the seller won't give you a refund then you can go through the Buyer Protection Program or use a mediation service to resolve the issue.

Check the feedback left by other people who have dealt with the seller before. If they have to many bad comments don't go there.

I've bought several items through e-bay without any trouble, but 1 transaction did go sour.

Hope this helps.

  [email protected]@m 20:11 23 Jan 2004

Sorry, clicked too soon. Don't be tempted to deal directly with anyone who Emails you, or you won't have any such guarantee. You will almost certainly be ripped off. It's a growing scam.

  poogles_uk 06:17 24 Jan 2004

they have no bad comments, its ram.

click here

is the page, what do you think?

  Quiller. 06:57 24 Jan 2004

It says " These Items are being sold on behalf of a work colleague and have been tested and are sold as is." and also they are correct in saying "Please note that these modules will not work in every m/board"

So I think they are basically saying you are buying them with no come back to the seller. The fact that they are class latency 3 is no problem, older ram, but the eec, error checking ram, can be a problem on some boards.

I have a watch up for sale click here and I want the winning bidder to collect if possible. I want them to be absolutley sure they are 100% happy.

  watchful 07:29 24 Jan 2004

Always read the seller's description and terms closely - before bidding.
If you have any questions then email the seller - before bidding.
If you aren't happy and no refund is offered then don't bid.
Most ebay sellers are genuine and want the customer to be completely satisfied.

  AndyJ 08:42 24 Jan 2004

I'm just totally amazed at the postage cost. Way over the top - and why payment by Postal Order only? EBay's own buyer tips states "Be wary of sellers who only accept one form of payment"

I agree with bsod; the seller seems to be trying to divert responsibility from themself i.e. "selling for a work colleague".

Who was it said "Let The Buyer Beware"?...very true

  AubreyS 09:35 24 Jan 2004

I have purchased about 10 items on Ebay with no problems at all. I always check their ratings to see if they have any negative feedback. I don't buy from people with little or no feedback. If they are a serious seller they do not want a bad reputation. Just be aware.

  Bagsey 09:38 24 Jan 2004

Caveat Emptor is a good motto

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:10 24 Jan 2004

Five points.....

1) Even if someone has negative feedback it does not mean that it is their fault. There are some doolally-tap buyers out there and some buyers that have totally unreasonable expectations as they appear to live on the planet Mungo or have been raised by deranged baboons..............

2) Be wary of people selling high value items with double figure feedback for l;ow value items. There are a few that have 10 or so feedbacks and a 100% ratings. Closer inspection reveals that all the items are purchased for £5 or less......

3) Read the descriptions very carefully. If it seems incredibly cheap/too good to be true, it will be. There are many 'auctions' that are only selling links to websites that are matrices...click here being the most notorious/famous. Matrix sites, in spite of being a scam, are NOT illegal and these sites regularly crop up in laptops, plasma TVs and moby phones. In all fairness the auctions do state that ALL you are buying is a link (above)so anyone spending a few hundred really is a bit simple/gullible/greedy/gormless and probably should not be trusted with money.

4) Do not buy 'Ebooks' or 'how-to manuals', that the vendors says you can sell on. The information within them is invariably either out of date, total cobblers or US biased. They are as much use as a chocolate teapot.

5) Be wary of 'Escrow services', a system whereby your money is supposedly held in limbo until the goods arrive. There is a huge scam, centred in Roumania and all states east. Only use Ebay recommended Escrow sites. If the seller wants to use ANY other tell him/her to naff off. While we are on payments, never use wire payments. Anyone can collect the money with little or no ID. Any reputable seller will be able to send bank details or accept a bank transfer/ CC payment.




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