An easy .....ware question.

  Pooke 22:46 17 Aug 2005

What do all the prefixes to ware mean? Or better still why use the word ware for so many things?

Shareware, freeware, spyware, hardware, software, malware, adware and so on...........

Is shareware the one that comes bundled with adware to pay for it? Or is it just a trial type thing for 30 days or something is what I'd really like to know.


  DieSse 23:30 17 Aug 2005

Wares simply means means goods - and the two original terms (in computers) were

Hardware - Physical goods

Software - Programs (ie - non-physical goods)

Quickly followed by

Firmware - Programs permanently residing in Hardware

And now .......

ShareW - Try before you buy programs - free for a trial period - not usually supported by advertising, as they do expect you to pay, and the program may not work, or work only in a limited fashion after the trial period.

FreeW - Genuinely free for ever programs - but sometimes with advertising (not always)

MalW - Bad programs - designed to affect you or your system in one way or another.

CrippleW - Free trial programs that have fuctions of the paid version disabled (usually sgnificant functions to be called CrippleW)

SpyW - programs designed to spy on what you do on the system, and report back to somewhere. May be innocuous, like what browser and websites you use - or seriuos like your bankcodes.

AdW - Programs to send you adverts - sometimes accompany FreeW (then sometimes declared, ie Advertising supported FreeW

  DieSse 23:32 17 Aug 2005

NagW - Free or trial programs that keep prompting you to pay for them - sometimes the prompts are simply referred to as nagscreens.

  DieSse 23:34 17 Aug 2005

BloatW - programs that have grown over large, with excessive functionality, compared with their original purpose. Usually used as a derogatory term.

  DieSse 00:07 18 Aug 2005

TrialW - What some manufacturers prefer to call their Cripple - or sometimes their Shareware

  Pooke 11:17 18 Aug 2005

Cool thanks for that.

Got a better understanding now :)


  Aspman 15:49 18 Aug 2005

VapourW - programs/games/HardW promised to be the greatest thing ever but never appearing.

  Jackcoms 16:41 18 Aug 2005

"BloatW - programs that have grown over large"

Of which Adobe Acrobat Reader is a good example

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