Easy to use laptop for a beginner no games use

  wadsabode 09:52 09 Dec 2011

I am thinking about buying a laptop for someone who has just started to learn computing. She has no use for games etc. Email, ordering via internet and wordprocessing woube the prime useage. She describes herself as a mature technophobe!! Please advise

  Terry Brown 10:31 09 Dec 2011

Any laptop will do for a starter, however it is the nature of the beast that the more you learn the more you will want to do / try, and there is nothing more frustrating than having a computer that is not capable /or fast enough to do what you want.

As a general rule Dell have some very good computers at a reasonable price.


Shop around for the best prices.


  wee eddie 12:55 09 Dec 2011

If she is a complete Newbie, go for the cheapest Apple Mac. It's much easier to come to terms with than a Windows Lappy.

  spuds 13:50 09 Dec 2011

Mature technophobes can be a problem at times, because you really do not know what their capabilities are :o)

But going back to the main subject, any laptop could do the job, but due consideration must be possible future requirements and price. The learning curve can be a simple or hard task, depending on time and commitment.

What I would suggest is a visit to somewhere like PC World, where you can see the product in action, and ask questions, with a possible chance that you can purchase a promotion offer at a reduced price.

A word of warning, I wouldn't consider buying a second-hand 'bargain' unless you know its pedigree. You only need something like the battery to fail after a short time, and that 'bargain' is no longer. And regard laptops can be harder to maintain than a desktop.

  wadsabode 09:18 10 Dec 2011

Many thanks for all of the advice offered, it is most helpful. wadabode.

  huber252 15:38 13 Dec 2011

Hi Wadsabode. This website tells you what the best selling laptop is in the UK. It looks like a really simple one and very reliable. If everyone else thinks it's a good bet could be worth having a browse. Good luck!

  ICF 06:35 14 Dec 2011

PC Advisors Top 5 budget laptops

  john bunyan 18:08 16 Dec 2011

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