Easy to use back up and defrag programmes

  Housten 16:25 15 Jan 2011

Good Afternoon,

I am hoping this is the correct forum for this query – if not I hope some oone will be able to advise as to the correct forum.

I am hoping that someone will be able to offer some advice. I had thought that my computer did defragging automatically, but I found out very recently that it doesn’t and I would like to know of a reasonable one – or even free – that is reliable. I have become very confused by the sheer number available and would be very grateful for any advice. This came about because the back up programme I have been using brought out an upgrade and, let’s just say, I am very unhappy with it now and would like to know if any one has a fairly inexpensive – i.e. free - back up programme that they know and/or use and – most importantly – trust!. I don’t want anything fancy, just something that will back up what I want to my external drive fairly quickly. Any advice/help/information on either of the above would be very gratefully received

  john bunyan 16:35 15 Jan 2011

I find Auslogics Defragger is much quicker than the MS one:(Free)
click here

  john bunyan 16:41 15 Jan 2011

Re Back up. What OS do you have? W7 has its own one. I use Acronis True Image to back up system files (Paid for) but I keep all my self generated data (My Documents, and my e Mail) on a seperate partition and use either Sync Toy (free) or Freefilesynch to make a mirror image or echo of the whole My Documents folder on a seperate drive, as this is far quicker than a back up image or clone. (I have a second internal HD for this and a USB one for the ATI image). You can't just copy programme files as you can with data.

  robin_x 19:48 15 Jan 2011

Comprehensive list here.

click here

I use W7 Backup & Restore Center, Easeus Todo and Seagate DiscWizard.

(W7 does not offer compression of image size, does not validate an image and is a bit of a fiddle to 'Mount'. But is easy to use)

I can't advise on backups, I only Image C:, a small System boot partition and D: (Recovery partition)

Total for me about 60GB+ taking 40-60 mins to an ext Seagate drive.

Images occasionally are corrupted (always validate or mount and have a quick explore)
If you have space for more than one image, so much the better.

  mooly 09:13 16 Jan 2011

As to backup programs, well it has to be Acronis for me. I have found it 100% reliable and it's quick, particularly if you make use of the incremental feature. I do daily backups starting a new sequence off weekly.

Defrag... I just use Windows own as a command prompt. Once you have run it once it's much quicker on following occasions as most of the work has been done. If you have Vista or W7 I would turn off scheduled defragmentation as it's neither one thing nor the other.

To defrag use elevated command prompt (ie right click and run as admin).

Defragmenting HDD using command line prompt. Note insert spaces correctly.
1. Right click command line prompt and run as administrator.
2. Type, defrag c: -a -v to generate detailed file report.
3. Type, defrag c: -v -r to run the defragmentation routine.(note this only defrags files< 64MB)
4. Type, defrag c: -v -w to defragment all file sizes.
5. Type, defrag c: -b to defragment boot files.
6. Type, defrag -? To display information help page.

  Housten 15:03 16 Jan 2011


Many thanks to you all! ( This is second attempt! )

I had been hoping for a reply but to get all your responses is very gratifying!! All I have to do now is go through the emails in detail and decide which programme to use!! Once more many, many thanks.

I will now mark this as resolved.

  muergo2 16:39 16 Jan 2011

Mooly and john bunyan using Acronis, referring to my other thread ""Desperation"" page 3, I did install Acronis 2010 on my faulty computer.

Do I understand correctly from the Acronis booklet that when installing it from retail disc that it automatically creates a bootable backup?
How do you extract that from the disc and can I access it on my new W7 computer (next week) or do I have to get it out using the same PC?

  mooly 17:46 16 Jan 2011

The retail disc is bootable. This means if the PC OS is trashed and you can not run Acronis from within Windows (which is how I always use it), then if you set your BIOS to boot from CD/DVD drive Acronis loads and runs entirely from the CD and allows you to browse your PC/drives and find the .tib image you want to restore.

Is that what you mean.

  john bunyan 18:27 16 Jan 2011

I agree with mooly. If you mean - Can I install ATI on the new PC from the retail disc (I did) - it will ask you to put in the activation code. Like mooly I have been able to use ATI in Windows, but the disc could be used as he sys. Incidentally I do an inage (verified) to an external Hd and a clone to a second removable drive.I have twice used it in anger and found the clone more easy to use but most prefer the image.

  mooly 18:37 16 Jan 2011

Just to go slightly of the topic... while we are on about Acronis and restoring images.

I treated myself to a USB drive recently.

Now I have always kept the Acronis files on the D partition on my laptop but thought I would try the new drive and just copied a full image over to it and restored it.
I was surprised how slow it was to restore taking around 50 minutes. The same image on the D partition is restored in around 25 minutes.

Surprising because the speed to and from the USB HDD is around 27mbs shuffling files to and fro.
I would have thought the internal drive in having to read the file on one partition and rebuild it on the other would have been the slowest.

  mooly 08:03 17 Jan 2011

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