easy remote pc shutdown

  Tecno Dan 23:06 11 Jan 2003
  Tecno Dan 23:06 11 Jan 2003


I have a server in my room, although the thing is I tend to shut it down at night and at present I dont have a monitor connected to it.

What I would like to do is be able to easly send a request from my pc to automatically shutdown the server. Thus meaning I would not have ot touch the server its self and be able to shut it all down remotely.

Is there any program that are around that would do this?

many thanks


  jazzypop 00:32 12 Jan 2003

Symantec's PcAnywhere will let you take full control of another PC. You will have to temporarily connect your single monitor to your server, as the software needs to be installed on both PCs, but it will do just what you want.

  Gaz 25 00:53 12 Jan 2003

On my server I have a program that automatically shuts down any windows 2000/NT/XP server down at cirtain times. I cannot remember where I got the program from it is called autopower 6.1 but someone here must know where to get this or software that does the same thing.

  Tecno Dan 19:39 13 Jan 2003

refresh, does anyone know about this program autopower 6.1?



  Gaz 25 02:24 22 Feb 2003

I will bump you back to the top again. Anyway, so a search on Google.com or something for autopower 6.1 or alternativly do remote shutdown.

Hope helps.


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