Easy question about Athlon Processor

  Rockarch 19:24 29 Jun 2007

I am about to inherit a pc with an AMD Athlon XP2200+ 1.81Ghz processor. I know nothing about these so could someone tell me what to expect eg is it a dinosaur or ok? I've tried to google it but don't get anything I can understand. The pc will be used just for running basic office programs & internet access. The pc only has 256Mb of RAM so I'll stick some more in once I get it.
As always, thanks for the help

  Woolwell 20:01 29 Jun 2007

I have one I use at work with a similar processor. It is about 3 to 4 years old. It works fine for office programs and internet but has 512 Mb RAM.

You didn't mention graphics or hard drive.

Make sure that the fans are clean and the case is free of dust.

  Rockarch 20:04 29 Jun 2007

It has a 40Gb hard drive - don't know about the graphics but will be whatever came with the pc & not very high spec at a guess.

  johndrew 20:06 29 Jun 2007

The 2200 is not state of the art, but for office/internet it should do what you want click here and click here and click here

The extra RAM will also help speed things up.

  Totally-braindead 20:11 29 Jun 2007

It will do what you say you want it for no problem at all. As you suspect the memory could do with another 256mb but apart from that it would be fine. Go to Crucial for the memory as they guarantee it will work, if you don't know what the PC is then let it scan your PC. click here

  Rockarch 20:19 29 Jun 2007

Thanks folks - thats enough info for me. Didn't realise it was quite as old but should be fine for what its intended for. Got memory from Crucial before so will use them again.

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