Easy CD6 and 2 writable drives.

  ventanas 08:25 24 Jun 2004

My dvd-rom is about to give up so, as they are so cheap now, I am going to replace it with a dvd writer. The machine already has a cd-rw, and is running Roxio Easy CD6.

I wonder if anyone has any idea how Drag to Disk will react to two drives, as it picks up the writable drive on start up.

I can think of two possibilites - both there with a drop down arrow, or, it will be totally confused, and foul up completely.

Grateful for any guidance.

  €dstowe 08:51 24 Jun 2004

Don't know about Easy CD but Nero provides a dropdown box if there is a choice of writers available to it.

  ventanas 08:54 24 Jun 2004

Thanks, I guess it will probably be the same. Soon find out anyway.

  stlucia 08:56 24 Jun 2004

I use Roxio with separate CD and DVD burners, and both are available. I can't remember how, though! Must be a drop-down list, as €dstowe suggests.

  ventanas 09:08 24 Jun 2004

Thanks to you also. It looks like it will be ok. Just ordered the drive this morning. Multi-format Pioneer for £54.

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