Easus back up need some advice please

  sunnystaines 14:06 22 Nov 2011

installed the program, first thing it asked me was to insert media for backup, put dvd in and it was done in a few mins.

A EASUS backup tool icon placed on desktop but clicking this just takes me to easus web page cannot find any record of instal.

tried instal again but no change to first time.

the boot up dvd spins but fail to show anything on screen and XP windows loads as normal. checked bios and optical drive is first boot. anyone tell me where i am going wrong please.

  sunnystaines 14:52 22 Nov 2011

download again from another web this time got the program running, takes a bit of clicking around to get to grips with it.

still not sure how to get the boot up dvd to work as the xp laptop goes into windows not a screen from whatever is on the dvd

  robin_x 17:19 22 Nov 2011

I presume you are talking Easeus Todo v3.5, not any of their other products?

I must admit, I don't like the 'options' on the Home Tab. Bit too clever for their own good.

I go to Backup Tab and do it a bit more manually.

Linux Recovery CD works OK for me. (Export iso to Desktop then Imgburn'ed.)

I couldn't manage to get the PE disc working, in spite of having a go.

Did you know if you enable Pre OS in Tools you get a dual boot option enabled? Windows or Easeus.

I always get their stuff direct from their website.

I like it very much apart from the speed. (Macrium twice as fast. but much less functionality of course)

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