East Aian Language Input Problem

  shiretoko 13:09 17 Nov 2006

Any East Asian people who have the same prob as me?? When I try to install files for East Asian language via control panel, the message tells me to insert XP Pro SP2. When I do so, it tried to copy files from D:\i386 but the copy action freezes with message saying 'WIndows Setup could not copy the appropriate files'. I bought Mesh computer and all of my friends who bought Dell, IBM etc could install the language without any problem... Is there anybody who knows how to solve this problem?? Mesh told me that their XP is OEM version and suggested that I should get retail version of XP. But I do know think it is right. Any thoughts???

  anskyber 13:11 17 Nov 2006

Any help? click here

  shiretoko 14:15 17 Nov 2006

Thank you for yr help but I get stuck with No.7 where I am propmpted to insert CD and install the files. My PC is not able to find & copy the files. So I can not go forward from the procedure No.7...

  anskyber 14:30 17 Nov 2006

Drat! I did look for a download site but without success.

  vinnyT 14:34 17 Nov 2006

Sorry, I don't really know, but maybe Microsoft have the files you require on their site somewhere. Try sending them an email explaining your problem, I have always found them extreamly helpful.

Hope this helps.

  Vangeliska 16:11 17 Nov 2006

Just wondering if it would work if you borrowed the disc from one of your friends who successfully installed?

  shiretoko 18:45 17 Nov 2006

Thank you for all the suggestions. Very kind. I did borrow my friend's CD but it did not work. I spoke to Microsoft re this prob but they told me to go to the maker of my computer (ie Mesh). Maybe e-mail might give me a kinder response. What is the best e-mail address of Microsoft regarding this kind of problem?? If you know pls let me know. Thank you again for all the help.

  vinnyT 19:53 17 Nov 2006

Try here click here;en-gb;1348&showpage=1&WS=mscomukform1, it's the ms help and support form.

  vinnyT 19:55 17 Nov 2006

Alright that didn't work. Go to the MS site and use the 'contact us' click through (at the top of the page.

  shiretoko 10:42 18 Nov 2006

vinnyt & other helpful people

Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.(Not yet solved the problem but I will continue my endeaver!)

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