Easiest way to tranfer contents of My Documents ?

  freaky 18:54 23 Oct 2006

Hi, I have 2 PC's in the same room - I will call them (A) & (B).

What is the simplest method to tranfer the contents of My Documents from (A) to replace the contents of My Documents in (B).

In other words (B) acts as a back-up for (A).

(A)'s My Documents is approx 84.3 MB in size.

  sean-278262 18:58 23 Oct 2006

CD burner is probably best and you can also then have your data safe incase you have problems. Alternatively you could network them. I have seen 1m network cables in pound shops if they are close enough. Also a CD burner drive would offer you the advantange of making your own CDs plus you can get them for about £5 second hand.

  anskyber 18:58 23 Oct 2006

Network, share and copy across.

  freaky 19:05 23 Oct 2006

(A) & (B) are networked together via a Cross-Over Cable.

How do I proceed with this please ?

  anskyber 19:12 23 Oct 2006

You might be better asking this in the networking forum. When I set mine up I simply ran the network set up wizard on both machines. Yes the new one is turbo.

  TicTacToc 19:51 23 Oct 2006

If you have got the network set up and the two computers are connected there is a really good program for doing this.

I use it and it is called Allway Sync. If you point to the folder you want syncronised with each other the two can be made exactly the same. What's more, although this probably won't help you, is if Computer A has files ABC in My Documents, and Computer B has files DE in My Documents, after syncing both folders will have files ABCDE.

I have a desktop and a laptop used for general things that I keep both my documents folders exactly the same with. Its kinda like a RAID hD setup, both folders are copies of each other so if one my hds fail in my desktop or laptop I will have the other one.

click here

The program is completely free, but there is a monthly byte transferral limit on the free one that might be a problem although is unlikely.

I went on a bit there on something I could have just linked too but I hope that might be of help . .

  freaky 19:53 23 Oct 2006

The new one is on display locally the 18th November.

Unfortunately My Documents cannot be exported. What I could try is send the contents from (A) to a Rewriteable DVD, then load the DVD into (B) and send the files to it's My Documents.

I have an audio file of the turbo you may like to hear. If so then please send an emai.

  freaky 19:57 23 Oct 2006

Thanks for the link, I have bookmarked for possible use.

  VoG II 20:07 23 Oct 2006
  freaky 22:44 23 Oct 2006

I solved the question I raised by using a Memory Stick - quick and simple.

  Koochy 23:02 23 Oct 2006

Bookmarked thanks

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