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Easiest way to install a Forum on my site

  jacobjohn7 16:45 17 Jul 2009

Hi all,

I am a (non-code) graphic designer, i design via dreamweaver, and so do not know ANY code!
If anyone could please help me out with the quickest/easiest way of getting a forum on my site... the fool proof way so to speak.
Many thanks

  Forum Editor 19:21 17 Jul 2009

forum solutions click here

  jacobjohn7 11:22 21 Jul 2009

Cheers, DieSse, so just set up an account, and if I create a forum button on my site, it ties it in? and makes it look like its part of my site?
sounds like an easy method! I will be back for help if I get stuck! cheers matey. ;o)

  jacobjohn7 12:15 21 Jul 2009

thanks Diesse, that was quick and easy. Very grateful for passing on. Can you install logo on forum and stuff like that...
Also, now its set up, is it case of linking a nice forum button from my website to the forum and let it populate itself... if someonbe registers for my forum will i get their email details etc.?

  jacobjohn7 16:29 21 Jul 2009

cheers, i have uploaded a logo onto the forum, but i was trying to put some new forums in there,... as the ones showing where tests etc. so i deleted the others, but the forum tab is now showing as 'NO forums' even though I can see them in User control panel.. ? any ideas on that one, and have you used the Poll link? how does this work, as cant seem to get round that one.
MAny thanks, at least I have a link to what should be a discussion forum for my site, which is a lot of steps forward!

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