Easiest way to format a hard drive

  Billy911 11:14 02 Dec 2005

What's the easiest way to format a hdd? A colleague of mine at work wants to know as she will be selling her PC soon and needs to wipe it first but her PC knowledge is very limited.

  alexgray104 11:17 02 Dec 2005

Wiping the Hard drive will also remove the operating system but I would put in a fdd, so when the BIOS runs it eventually comes up with A:\ then type C:\ it will then bring up the C:\ drive. Type "format c:" (without the quotes), it will then say something like, this will remove all data on non-removeable drive. Continue? (Y/N)? Type Y and press enter

  Billy911 12:48 02 Dec 2005

Thanks alexgray104. Will this work regardless of OS?

  Skills 12:53 02 Dec 2005

It depends on the file system used for instance if the drive is formatted as a NTFS file system then a windows 98 boot disk will not see the hard drive as it does not recognise the file system.

  interzone55 12:57 02 Dec 2005

Yes it will, but not any old floppy disk will do, you need to insert a start up disk (create one from control panel) that includes command.com to enable the dos commands to work.

  ACOLYTE 12:59 02 Dec 2005

FDISKing the drive may be better than formatting this will delete the partition and every thing on it,and works for NTFS and FAT32.You could always go to the HDD makers site and see if they have any tools to do this most have some that will set the HDD back to factory specs.

  Billy911 13:34 02 Dec 2005

Thanks guys but I think I'll go with alexgray104's suggestion as I don't want to baffle her too much. I've learnt quite a bit myself though. Thanks again.

  Chegs ®™ 14:49 02 Dec 2005

I would use the XP install CD,as it will "quick-format" in either FAT32/NTFS.Especially handy if its a largish HD.

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