Ease of use on Laptop

  TonyV 17:20 08 Dec 2010

As I said on an earlier posting I have just taken delivery of a HP DV7 4131SA laptop. How on earth does one get to operate the pointing pad so that it goes where you intend?

Try as I may, it seems to have a mind completely of its' own! I am supposed to be able to scroll by using two fingers, but this takes about 40 times longer than the desktop and a mouse proper. There seems to be no way that any semblance of control can be maintained via this device, unless, of course, you can tell me differently!

I have to say that I wanted this device to get rid of all the clutter that goes with a desktop, but I am beginning to doubt my logic. Are they all the same as this? Should I buy a wireless usb mouse to get over the problem?



  alB 17:26 08 Dec 2010

click here This may help, I had the same problem when I got my lappy, you will get it right..eventually ...alB

  TonyV 18:13 08 Dec 2010

Thanks for that. I will have a look and see what happens. I have to say, it certainly isn't very good for a simple operation to be so b****y difficult!! maybe, with practice, it will get better. But I think my thoughts are leaning very heavily to getting a wireless mouse and using that. It seems to me that the pad is far too sophisticated to be of any real use to mere plebs like me!! I like the simple things in life!!


  alB 18:24 08 Dec 2010

I did by a wireless mouse myself and use it when needed but make good use of the touch pad too, once you get yours how you want it I'm sure you'll be pleased...stick with it !! ...alB

  woodchip 18:57 08 Dec 2010

I use Wireless Mouse on all my Laptops do not like Touchpads

  woodchip 19:01 08 Dec 2010

before anything else, go to control panel. mouse you can set it to show trails etc and speed it up. I chose one so if I press the control Key it put a ring round the mouse. the right edge of touchpad is for scrolling pages. so I use a Combination of touchpad and mouse

  TonyV 19:29 08 Dec 2010

I have tried every which way to get the wretched thing to operate in any sort of reasonable fashion and am now giving up. It has to be the worst designed element on this planet. I have tried various settings, the latest one being the circular one which means I don't go off the end of the touch pad, and this works when it thinks about it. It is supposed to work when pressing the RHS. It takes about 2 minutes to decide that that is what I am trying to do. It is so time consuming as to be unbeleivable. Nine out of ten times it won't come in to being and I then have to hold the button then try and scroll.If I am lucky, it will operate or select everything before it.

Equally so, it is Win7 and this is causing so much trouble getting files from the old machine that the only way I can see of doing it sensibly is to copy them and TRY and get them transferred that way. Easy Transfer sure as hell doesn't work. But that is another problem!!



  TonyV 19:39 09 Dec 2010

Have got hold of a Logitech wireless mouse. Now we're cooking by gas! Also, I bought a Tornado transfer cable and it is so easy to transfer files from one machine to another (XP to Win7).

Will close this one out now.



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