e7even Broadband

  thegate 12:44 17 Jan 2004

I am thinking about upgrading to broadband and was just wondering if anyone knows anything about it becasue i cant seem to find any reviews on them. They are only charging £16.99 a month for 512. thanks for any info anyone may have

  Bagsey 12:49 17 Jan 2004

The old maxim holds true. If it looks too cheap it IS. Ask if you get email with this system and how much do you have to pay upfront.Do you have to send a cheque to a PO Box number. Then go and look at the more recognised BB suppliers. BTYahoo, NTL etc.etc. You will find that in most cases you will be committed to a 12month deal but no cash up front and some will give you free set up and modem.

  thegate 12:53 17 Jan 2004

you have to get 6 months min. They are on click here but there isnt a lot of info. They do come with like 5 emails and 50MB of web space. They look quite good but they do seem a little bit on the cheap side. Their site is click here

  thegate 12:56 17 Jan 2004

turns out you get as many POP3 emails as you like

  Bagsey 19:57 17 Jan 2004

As I understand it all line BB is over Bt lines unless it is via a cable company like NTL. Now Bt sells off to isp's at ,(from what I have read ) a sum higher than this company are advertising their service at. HOW can they afford that?? There has to be a catch. But I am a born suspiciuous cynic so at the end of the day you pays your money and takes your chance. Only you can make that choice. But I must admit that I would be keen to hear how you fair in 12 months time. Good Luck.

  Tycho 20:32 18 Jun 2005

Did you ever take it up?

Have they proven reliable?


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