e-system pc won't start

  Blacki 11:38 09 Nov 2009

I have an e-system that won't power up. Before i changed the power supply, there didn't seem to be any power to the pc. i have now changed the power supply and all that will light up is the memory card reader at the front.
Nothing happens when i press the power button.
Should there be lights on the mother board if it is working.

  Terry Brown 12:26 09 Nov 2009

It sounds as it the either (or both) the motherboard or the CPU(Processor) have failed.

Was the system overclocked, before it failed?, as this can cause overheating and a system failure.

If your case is a standard case,your best option (if you are confident enough) is to get a motherboard /CPU package
click here and install it

  Jollyjohn 12:26 09 Nov 2009

Some motherboards have lights on.

Carefully look inside the case a nd find the power button lead, pull it off the pins and using a small screwdriver short the two pins. If your pc starts then the fault is in the power switch.
As a temporary repair connect the reset button leads in place of the power leads.

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