e scan

  tonyx1302 16:28 19 Oct 2004

I downloaded 'e scan from click here and now I cannot get rid of it. Everytime I boot up it starts running! I have run Reg Mech,Regseeker and regscrub XP to try and delete but it seems to have a mind of its own. I cannot find it in programs and just haven't any other ideas how to delete it or at least stop it from running everytime I boot up.

I will be very grateful if anyone can help

with thanks


  rawprawn 16:37 19 Oct 2004

Add or Remove programs ? or has it got it's own uninstall ? if so use that.

  tonyx1302 16:41 19 Oct 2004

Hi rawprawn. Its not listed in Add/Rem or in programs in Start so I dont know were else to look

  rawprawn 16:43 19 Oct 2004

For most purposes you don't need to buy click here I have used it many times. Also have a look at the page you downloaded to, the edition I have just given you the link to doesn't insert itself as a program it is just a self extracting file. Yours may be the same if so just delete it.

  tonyx1302 16:48 19 Oct 2004

Me again rawprawn. It may well be a self extracting file but it will not self extr itself and I cannot find how to get rid of the blessed file as its not listed antwhere for me to delete.


  rawprawn 17:21 19 Oct 2004

have you tried Start/ search Type Escan and then delete anything it finds, or mwav.exe and then delete anything it finds. Ithink if those two alternatives don't work I would go to Escan support and ask. In fact that may well be the first line of attack.

  tonyx1302 17:36 19 Oct 2004

I have just tried your two suggestions. Still the thing lives! I have emailed escan but am not hopeful of a reply. I will leave this post open in case anybody out there may be able to help.

Surely there must be a way of deleting or at least, stopping a self extracting file from running before I have a coronary?

Thanks again


  Meshuga 20:23 19 Oct 2004

I run escan and when it self opens the zip file you get a window headed "eScan Antivirus Toolkit Utility Ver (4.4.7). This window has all sorts of boxes to tick for thse files you want to scan and buttons to press for things you want to do. One of those buttons is marked Scan clean for startng the scan and there is a long horizontal button near the bottom marked " Add to startup".If it`s already been pressed then it will read remove from startup. Just press it and it wont appear when starting up but you should have an icon on desktop to start it when you want it. I know that this wont remove it but it gives you the option of ignoring it. Regards, Meshuga.

  tonyx1302 20:36 19 Oct 2004

Thanks for your post. The problem is I do not have an icon or any thing else to let me start or stop the prog from running or better still,delete. When I downloaded the trial prog, I didn't 'Add to start up' or make a desktop icon. As I said, when I boot up it starts up and I have to click cancel every time to stop it running but I would love to dump it.
I have emailed escan asking for their help but no response as yet.

Thank you for your interest


  VoG II 20:41 19 Oct 2004

Start, Run, type in


and click OK.

Look for it on the Startup tab and untick it.

This won't remove it but will stop it running at every startup.

  tonyx1302 20:49 19 Oct 2004

Hi Vog. Sorry to be a pain. I did as you suggested but couldn't see it or anything resembling escan in the start up tab

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