e-SATA & USB external HDD enclosure querys?

  Tinkey Winkey 02:31 08 Apr 2010

I have a load of data on an external HDD. My Antec MX-1 enclosure has both eSATA & USB ports.

All the data was transfered onto it via USB.

I'd like to start using the esata connection instead of USB as it's faster, particuarly noticable when you have alot of data to transfer.

Last time i attempted to connect via eSATA, the disk beacame temporarily unreadable/corrupted. I had to use chkdsk to gain access to the drive again. I had removed the USB cable first of course, as I understand you musn't have both connected simultaneously.

So is it safe to switch between USB & eSATA or not?

I think that with eSATA you have to start the PC with the device connected & on. Unlike USB which can be switched on and off whilst the PC is running?

any advice on these 2 questions please?

  The Kestrel 09:39 08 Apr 2010

This discussion thread may help you click here

  SimpleSimon1 10:02 08 Apr 2010

Especially note the para that says "All this is assuming I have a proper ESATA external disk, ICH8R motherboard and appropriate AHCI/RAID drivers installed and enabled."

Old motherboards will likely have SATA support (for internal drives) but may not support (or fully support) eSATA. For example my 4-year old Evesham machine with a MS-7125-STD PCI-Express motherboard does not have eSATA 'out-of-the-box'. I added an eSATA card and use it with Icybox enclosures - like you, my eSATA connections are only recognised if I powercycle the PC.

In general terms, with a reliably-working eSATA connection, I'd never use a USB connection. But, given that my motherboard (and yours, by the sound of it) don't fully support eSATA, I would default to using the USB connection and, when/if you want to transfer large amounts of data, eject the USB drive, disconnect, power down PC **and** drive enclosure, connect eSATA and power both back up.

A bit of a pain to be sure but liveable with until you buy a new PC which has proper eSATA support built-in (as do most current PCs)

Good luck

  Tinkey Winkey 11:40 08 Apr 2010

okay thanks very much for your input.
Looks as if I can use it in both USB and eSATA for the external backup drive.

My mobo is Asus P5k Premium WiFI AP Intel P35 Based Chipset.
It does apparently support eSATA hot-plugging: click here

Device Manager shows Intel ICH9 controllers under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers.

In my ignorance I setup the Windows XP HDD under the IDE SATA Config instead of AHCI.

I am looking into converting it to AHCI without having to reinstall the OS.
Might ne possible using Intel Matrix Manager?
click here

The phrase "can of worms" springs to mind lol!

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